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Reason: Aji Santoso decides to withdraw as a coach of Perseus

LAMONGAN, – Aji Santoso officially resigned as chief coach of Perse Lamongan on Sunday (June 30th).

Former Archaeologist Areme FC also admitted that a number of unsatisfactory results that Severus had achieved at the beginning of their work this season became the main source of the abandonment of his position.

"Why did I make this step (backwards) in the fifth game because in my opinion this is all right because for the five games that Sperel did, we have not yet won," Aji said on Sunday (June 30, 2019) T,

In the first five games Severus played this season, Team Laskar Joko Tingkir just twisted two points.

Two points were scored against the Persipura Jayapura (2: 2) and Remix 0: 0 against Persia Jakarta.

Meanwhile, in the other three games, Persela lost 1-5 of Madure United, beat 2-3 Areme, and 1-3 defeats in the hands of Bhayangkara FC.

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"Another reason why I resigned in this fifth match, so there will be time for a later team to improve, so this is my form of responsibility because Severus has not yet achieved the expected results in the top five," he said.

He also rejected the idea of ​​escaping responsibility for the bad results that Severus has achieved at this time.

"So later, if someone is asked, there are supporters who ask, as it is not the responsibility of this team to come out, that's my responsibility so that in the future (Persel) it will be better," Aji said.

"The management has so far been kind to me, with the coach team, so this is my form of responsibility. I hope Persela will achieve a new situation," he said.

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Leasing results at the beginning of this season include the Cushion now immersed in the bottom of the 1st league ladder.

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