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Replace Amien Rais, Youth Is Walking from Yogye to Jakarta

Young Blarney, Lilik Yuliantoro (29) intends to replace the vow of Amien Rais to walk from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. A pedestrian action began this morning at Tugu Pal Putih, Yogyakarta City.

"Because Mr. Amien Rais was a star, I was so moved by my heart to replace him, replacing his vows," Lilik said when they met with journalists at Tugu Pal Putih in Yogyakarta on Monday (September 22nd).

"It is better that Mr. Amien Rais at home allows young people to continue the generation for their heirs. Let the young people together build the people," continued the man wearing the typical Sami strap.

In this action, Lilik wore a long sleeve shirt and black trousers, wore a napkin, then sketched a piece of paper he read, "LOVELY ACTION HANDS JAMES REPLACE RAIS AMIEN NADZAR".

"It is only from Blore who is wearing two clothes, then a potable water with a label, with a red and white flag, the money will bring 50,000 IDRs," he said.

Although he intends to replace the vow of Amen Raisa, he has not yet met President of PAN. He also rejected claims that his political party was acting for him.

"No, I did not send anyone. I'm in my heart, really tight, no coins to pay," he said.

Lilik said she was not a party to a political party. He only moved when he learned of Amie's Rais's statement of walking from Yogyakarta to Jakarta if Jokowi was not elected president.

"Mr. Amien Rais often made a statement, he wanted to walk (Yogyakarta-Jakarta) but was not running continuously, it was a bit angry. Then it was straight from Yogyia," he said.

Lilik's goal in Jakarta on August 17, 2019. By coming to Jagart, she will try to meet with President Jokowij in the State Palace. "The plan is to travel from Yogye to Jakarta for 22 days," Lilik concluded.

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