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Reward the Indonesian Representative at AFF 2018

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Indonesian representative For countless time back to plowing looking for a title this time on AFF Cup 2018, The Garuda team is still a "crownless king" in Southeast Asia.

Because, none of the titles Indonesia won since the football celebration in Southeast Asia was held in 1996 and is still known as the Tiger Cup.

now AFF cup entered the 12th edition, and the achievements of Red and White just stuck as a finalist. It is five times more than the total number of releases Garuda has ever achieved.

predicate runner-up latest in the previous issue. In the final of 2016, Indonesia was defeated by a strong Thai team and won the fifth time. Gajah War became the team that won the most trophies over Singapore, which collected four titles.

Despite the fact that Thailand banned the AFF Cup 2016, Garuda had achieved the ultimate result was actually a surprise because Alfred Riedl's excursion team at that time was not taken into account. Because at that time Indonesia did not have FIFA sanctions.

His preparation at that time was less perceived. One of them is the rule that limits Riedl to the player's choice. PSSI confirms that the Indonesian representative can invite up to two players from each club competing for the 2016 World Cup in Indonesia.

The Indonesian team led by Alfred Riedl was surprisingly capable of entering the AFF 2018 final (The Indonesian team led by Alfred Riedl was surprisingly able to reach the finals of AFF 2018 (Indonesian CNN / Adhi Wicaksono)

The Austrian coach repeatedly complained about the situation. In fact, he is aiming to bring the Garuda champion or at least to the final. Surely his mission is almost impossible for him.

In that state, red and white obviously can still fulfill the minimum goal to the final. Although limited to the maximum odds of the club's club rules, Boaz Solossa and his friends have a fairly good training program under the leadership of Riedl.

Different conditions that the Indonesian team has experienced this year. The situation is a bit more complex. Milky Way was appointed coach after the PSSI decided to cancel the contract renewal Luis Milla as a tactician.

Dinner was named after the coach on October 21 or 18 days before the start of kick-off Red and White visited Singapore's seat on November 9th.

The former midfielder from the Indonesian team was considered a true figure as assistant Luis Mille. It is believed to have understood the system that the Spanish coach has built for almost two years. The milky way is also helped by the former charismatic player, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto and Kurnia Sandy, as assistant coach.

The team consisting of Bima Sakti and Kurniawan and Kurnia Sandy is also the former leader of the 2018 Asian Games by Luis Milla.

The goalkeeper's position is Andritany Ardhiyasa and Awan Setho. On the back, five of the eight defenders are also graduating in 2018 Asian Games, one of which is Captain Hansama Yama Pranata. Also in the midfielder, eight of 10 players reinforced Young Garuda on a multicabang event.

Beto Goncalves was included in the AFF 2018 cup team with Dedik Setiawan on the front line. There were also the names of other senior players, including Rizky Rizaldi Pora, Fachruddin Aryanto, Bay Pradan, Riko Simanjuntak and Andy Vermansah who replaced Saddil Ramdani who was deported from the Milky Way.

Names such as Boaz Solossa and Irfan Bachdim, who are the 2016 AFF Cup team, are no longer called. Even with the name of naturalized Argentina, Esteban Vizcarra, it does not count.

Game Boaz and Irfan Bachdim, who were not too prominent in their clubs, may be considering the Milky Way to not call him.

While Vizcarra actually has the ability of an attacker and can act as a wing attacker. However, the position is considered not too urgent because there are already players in that role, like Evan Dimas, who likes a coffee makerSo even players in the wing sector are very rich.

Boaz Solossa is not included in AFF Cup 2018 (Boaz Solossa is not included in the AFF Cup 2018. (BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHY / Wahyu Putro A)

Dairy time did not want to risk unloading the foundations of the game by Luis Milla. Being run by a former Spain coach under 21, it is believed that Red and White play the characters.

Among the backers is a fast game dominated by short passes and the transition from defense to attack.

The two-line wings have also been the main support of the Garuda team so far. Hansamu Yama and his friends are also pretty solid on the first line.

In the three trials after 2018 Asian Games, Indonesia has only once admitted when they held on the pitch in Hong Kong 1-1. They won two victories over Mauritius 1-0 and Myanmar 3-0.

Map The Armed Forces Map

The Indonesian team is not without weakness. Red and white is still weak in terms of predicting top-quality balls including dead balls. They will be in the group with Singup and the Philippines, two teams that have the advantage of top balls.

Thailand and Timor Leste are also a group in group B with the Indonesian team. Despite being occupied by good teams such as the Eleonor War, Singapore and the Philippines, Red and White's chances of qualifying for the group stage are still pretty safe.

Because countries like Thailand and Singapore have not reduced their best team as in the previous release.

Thailand team when it comes to 2018 Asian Games. (Thailand team when it comes to 2018 Asian Games. (CHAIDEER MAHYUDDIN / AFP)

Thailand's representative, goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan, defender Theerathon Bunmathan, Chanathip Songkrasin and Charyl Chappuis, and Elephant War bomber, Teartenil Dangda, were not included in the list of paid coach Milovan Rajevac.

Similarly, Singapore, without reinforced naturalized players with the majority of young players in the team was directed by Fandi Ahmad. Only the Philippines will become Black Horse team with world class coaches such as Sven Goran Eriksson.

To qualify for the semifinals, this does not seem to be a tough one, but Garuda will be a difficult candidate for the final result. In Group A there is Malaysia and Vietnam, which are very serious in building their strength this year.

For example, the team of Malaya Tiger, it was strengthened by a naturalized middleman from Gambia, Mohamadou Sumareh. Vietnam continues to rely on numerous quality players such as Nguyen Van Quyet, Luong Xuan Truong and Phan Van Duc.

The Malaysian team is very serious about building the AFF 2018 Cup (Malaysian team is very serious about building strength for AFF Cup 2018. (TANG CHHIN SOTHY / AFP)

Malaysia and Vietnam can qualify for semi-finals. Two teams are often damaging to Garuda.

The Dairy Way had earlier said he was still focusing on the minds of his players, especially in the offensive match. Because of this, the initial encounter at the AFF Cup is often a stumbling block to Garuda players.

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