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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a Selfie camera? Okay techno

Jakarta – Image leak shows that Galaxy Note 10+ has a selfie camera. Rumors circulate in the cyber space that show the look of the device or the features that will carry the handset.

reported IBTimesOn Saturday (June 29, 2012), a YouTube and Twitter user named TechTalkTV released a video showing photos of devices that YouTube claimed as "Galaxy Note 10+".

YouTuber admitted that this was the first time that he could "spin" that kind of information and said the picture came from one of his customers.

Leaker said Samsung decided to continue using its own naming scheme and called the device class "Plus" model rather than "Pro" model as previously reported. This is visible on the screen to launch a smartphone that says "Samsung Galaxy Note 10+", followed by a description of "Knox-insured" and "Android-supported."

The picture shows that the Galaxy Note 10+ has a selfie camera.

This smartphone has a shape that reminds Sony Xperia Z phones because of its rectangular and high shape. The left and right frame is very thin and the chin looks similar to that of the Galaxy S10.

The pictures also show an interesting feature, or drill hole located in the center of the screen. CNet noted that drilling holes are less than the shape of the pill that is in the Galaxy S10, and may have room for just one front camera. However, the image does not reveal camera capabilities, so you should wait for more details.

Meanwhile, on the back, Galaxy Note 10+ is considered to have a triple camera feature that is placed vertically and located on the left side of the rear of the mobile phone.

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