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Saturn's mission, NASA plans to fly a helicopter dinghy to Titan, California – NASA plans to lead a special mission to Saturn in the 2030s by flying helicopters drone worth a billion USD: Dragonfly. This vehicle that will land later on the natural Moon Planet, Titan.

Dragonfly is expected to visit dozens of promising Titan sites to explore chemical compounds that support life as Earth. NASA researchers estimate that Titan has become the mainstay of many chemical processes that could initiate biological processes at the beginning of the Earth.

drone Eight rotor will be launched from Earth in 2026 and is expected to arrive at Titan 2034. These unmanned planes are expected to use the dense Titan atmosphere to fly to various interesting places.

NASA says Titan has winds, rivers, seas and lakes, just like the Earth, but exotic. The great moon, located in the second place after Ganimeda (Jupiter's moon) has its seasonal cycle, where wind and rain formed the Titan's surface like river channels, sea, dunes, and shores.

The average temperature is estimated at -179 degrees Celsius, which means that the Titan Mountains are made of ice. While liquid methane takes on many roles that water plays on Earth.

"Flying on Titan is actually easier than flying on Earth," said chief mission researcher Elizabeth "Zibi" Turtle, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland. "The atmosphere is four times lenier than the atmosphere on Earth's surface, and gravity is about 1/7 of gravity on Earth."

He added, "This is the best way to explore Titan and the best way to travel there so far, so we can measure it in different geological environments."

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