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Sexual addiction involving mental disorders

TEMPO.CO. Jakarta – Are you able to understand why someone calls sexual addiction? It can be said that a person is addicted or addicted to sex if he is unable to manage sexual behavior.

"Individuals who are obsessed with sexual thoughts so that they mix in their everyday activities such as inability to work well, have ties, etc. Such sexual addiction many call it the form of obsessive compulsive behavior, "he wrote Christian Nordqvist inside What Is Sexual Addiction (Forced Sexual Behavior)? What Causes Sexual Addiction? at

Like other types of addiction, the common characteristic of people living with sex addiction is the denial of having this problem. Although it is clear that he can not control it. People who are addicted to sex are typically characterized by behavior, including;

  • Again he failed to resist the instigation of extreme acts of obscene sex.

  • They are often involved in a higher degree or longer.

  • A constant occurrence of wishes and attempts that do not stop, reduce, or control the behavior of sexual addiction.

  • Spend a lot of time for sex.

  • Preoccupation with this behavior.

  • Disorder of work, college, domestic work or social activities due to gender.

  • It requires increased intensity, frequency, quantity or risk of behavior to achieve the desired effect of climax.

  • Switch to a feeling of depression, anxiety, anxiety or violence if you are unable to participate in behavior related to Sexual Misunderstanding (SRD).

In fact, in a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the United States, sexual abuse has been recognized as a state of mental disorder. A team of researchers from UCLA, after carrying out comprehensive studies, concluded that sexual addiction really exists and can ruin family, relationships, and life. It was published in the Sexual Medicine magazine on October 20, 2012.

Nothing is wrong with sexual addiction problems as mentioned above, immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist for further treatment.

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