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We can do this simple movement at home


We can do this simple movement at home

NOVA.id-When you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, it can be started through physical activity such as exercise.

However, often when you want to start practicing, it actually seems like you are too deprived or directly involved in exercise exercises.

Then, for Friends of Nova who are not accustomed to physical activity to start good and proper sports activities?

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Here are some explanations from Dr. Grace Joselini as a doctor of the National Football Team Indonesian Women's 2018 about the first step to starting a healthy lifestyle sport.

"As a first step, basic sports such as fast walking, running and running can be the right choice. Apart from being easy to do, especially sports sports are also useful for increasing endurance, reducing the risk of disease development, increasing body metabolism, helping to release endorphins, which further relaxes. Grace Joselina met on Thursday (08 November) at an event in central Jakarta.

In order to deal with sports activities, we must pay attention to intensity and on the basis of our ability to practice.

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"Indeed, if we start from the beginning, we return to intensity or measure our abilities, for example, if you join Zumbi, move the zoom lever to jump, if you think it's not time for such a jump, so do the normal moves first. We are at least a movement, for example, walking in some place or driving somewhere, "said Dr. Grace Joselini

The principle is to start with easy exercise in the first place, if you are used to it, you will surely be addicted to exercise.

"The principle is to start slowly, even if you are used to sports, you certainly think tomorrow that you have to practice, even if you can not go out, just in front of the TV, we'll go on our own." Sit back, Grace.

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In addition to the principle and the steps to start sporting activities, there must be constant commitment, so sport is routinely performed.

"On the other hand, running and healthy lifestyles become a trend in their own right, which is certainly good to run and needs to be followed by a permanent obligation," concludes Dr. Sc. Grace Joselini.

Therefore, the launch of sports activities must have the intention, the principle and the commitment to continue to be able to apply a healthy lifestyle to future health investments. (*)

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