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Steady Divorce Nikite Mirzani, Dipo Latif Layang Talak Tiga

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Dipo Latief decided to end a marriage with Nikita Mirzan. He issued a triple divorce letter signed on Saturday, October 27, 2018 and testified by two witnesses.

This man whose full name Ahmad Dipodnoro made a decision because he is considered the best. For, the relationship of his household to Nikita Mirzan recently has no room for comfort.

"If the results are passed, that will not be good. That decision is best for Mas Dipo and we hope this will be the case for our former wife," said Asfa Davy Bya, attorney at Dipo Latief.

He also said that the three divorces he did voluntarily, without any coercion or influence of any party.

A triple divorce, he continued, was the continuation of the previous talk that Dipo Latief also dismissed Nikita Mirzani on July 5, 2018.

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So the three Divo divorces were actually made before Nikita talked to the media in early November stating that she would apply for divorce.

"Nikita talked to the media on November 1, 2018, while the three divorces held on October 27, 2018," he explained.

This triple divorce did not report Dipo Nikita to the police, revoked. According to Davy, the police report continued.

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There are currently several reports of Dipo Latif's Nikiti at Jakarta's subway station. These include cases of alleged embezzlement by Dipita from Nikita, such as luxury cars. There are several related reports on domestic violence (domestic violence).

"Police report filed by Mas Dipo in NM continued Mas Dipo was in great disadvantage due to various actions taken by the NM," Davy said.

In addition, Dipo is also preparing another report on Nikita in the police, which refers to Law no. 11/2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE).

"The report is currently being prepared," Davy concluded.(+)

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