Monday , July 26 2021

Strange, Irish sharks hide the eggs on damaged coral reefs – Scientists have just discovered a "shark" of large marine dogs in Irish waters. This nest is unusual as predatory fish use coral reefs to hide their eggs.

These rare discoveries were obtained after the researchers carried out remote operation to explore the cold water of Ireland. They float to a depth of 750 meters.

In these observations, scientists watched the nest nestled by a group of black-armed victims. Blackmouth catsharks is one of the smallest sea dogs found across the northeastern Atlantic.

This species was not found alone. They are with seabirds that are usually lonely and rarely found, sailing.

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During observation, there was no visible childbirth dog floating around the site. Still, SeaRover researchers wanted to record all the events.

The goal is to be able to watch the eggs of the sea dog.

"There are no puppies in the shark and it is believed that adult sharks can use damaged coral reefs and open carbonate rocks to set up eggs," said David O & Sullivan, chief scientist of SeaRiver quoted from independentOn Monday (11.11.2018).

"Because the healthy coral reefs around it can act as shelters for the seaside babies after they expire," he added.

Sullivan added, further exploration on the "nest" will answer many of the important questions about deep-sea marine ecology in Irish waters.

This rare finding was published at the INFOMAR snow map mapping seminar at Konsale, Ireland.

"We are pleased that these findings were announced at this event, pointing to the importance of mapping our marine habitat in understanding and managing vast and valuable marine resources," Oullivan said.

"Our data and team continue to make a significant contribution to using the ocean's wealth," he continued.

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