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The fate of Indonesian football coach Futsal Kensuke Takahashi

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Ratu Tisha Destria, Secretary General (Secretary General) of the PSSI, spoke about the future of Indonesia's football team, Kensuke Takahashi.

It was revealed by Queen Tessa after the Indonesian futsal team finished the 2018 AFF Futsal tournament in third place.

The Indonesian soccer team successfully surpassed Vietnam with a 3-1 result in third place finish in 2018. AFF Futsal Cup at UNY Sports Hall Yogyakarta on Sunday (11.11.2018).

Tessa said the Garude team was targeted to qualify for the fun at the top of the AFF Cup in 2018.

As Tisha discovered, Kensuke Takahashi is still under contract until next year.

"As far as I know, Kensuke Takahashi's contract is up until next year, but we'll see how it looks," he said to Tatu Ratu when he talked with BolaSport.comOn Sunday (11 November 2018).

"The PSSI will hand this authority entirely to the Indonesian Futsal Federation (FFI)," he explained.

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However, once the goal could not be achieved, Tisha will submit this decision to the Indonesian Federal Federation (FFI).

Since the presence of a Japanese trainer is a form of cooperation between the PSSI and the Japanese Football Association (JFA), the PSSI will delegate powers to FFI.

"Indeed, Kensuke came from PSSI collaboration with JFA," explained a woman graduating from FIFA Master.

"So we will file a rating and send it to FFI," he said.

In this 2018 AFF Futsal Cup event, Thailand has successfully emerged as a champion after knocking Malaysian resistance to the top of the party.

Thailand has successfully surpassed Malaysia 4-2 and secured the winner's championship.

Practically, Malaysia that has lost in Thailand in top parties must be pleased to win second place

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