Wednesday , June 23 2021

The Google algorithm can detect toxic foods in restaurants, Jakarta – Google has developed a new algorithm that can detect toxic food in a restaurant together with researchers from Harvard University. This new Google algorithm can mark restaurants that have the potential for visitors to eat food.

The algorithm is able to mark food safety almost in restaurants in real time.

Google has tested its new algorithm in the Las Vegas and Chicago regions of the United States for cross reference.

According to Uberism, as published On Thursday (08.11.2018), Google searched for food-borne users with historical data-search locations smartphone refers to restaurants that have recently visited users.

Some restaurants labeled as Google's algorithm as a place that may not be safe will visit and review American health surveillance.

"In this study we only know what can happen in real life. We want to fight food-borne diseases," said Google research scientist and one of the research leaders, Evgeniy Gabrilovich.

In addition to using Google algorithms, health surgeons also know which restaurants are labeled based on commonly used methods, such as restaurant visitor complaints.

then officials will compare the results of routine health check algorithms conducted by the US health service. The accuracy of the Google's toxic toxin detection algorithm was approximately 52.3 percent. (BA / FHP)

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