Wednesday , June 23 2021

There is still a customs war between Gojek and Grab

Illustration. Go-Jek application

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Although the Ministry of Transport has reached the upper and lower limits for online cargo tariffs, the tariff war is still happening. This was revealed by the Chief Traffic Officer of the Ministry of Transport, Budi Setiyadi.

Based on the findings, Vice President of Corporate Communications Go-jek, Michael Say, said he was trying to comply with government regulations. "We respect government policy," said on Friday (9/11).

Regarding the appeal of a party suspension, Michael said that there are three misdemeanors that could result in a driver's suspension suspended. First, actions that endanger self-defense, colleagues Go-jek partners, buyers and the community.

Secondly, all the deeds of fraud with the aim of enriching, manipulating data and systems harming clients, other partners or Go-jek Indonesia. Thirdly, any behavior that can cause feelings of discomfort to users affects a bad partner assessment.

"We actively promote all of our partners in order to maintain quality of service to maintain the driver's revenue sustainability on the road," Michael added.

Meanwhile, the Grab Administration, which did not want to be named, said it would comply with the regulations. "Grab the upper limit is in compliance with regulations," said on Friday (9/11).

As for the code of ethics, Grab Indonesia has confirmed that it has been delivered from the very beginning. When the partner is frozen, Grab assures that his party has submitted a notice in advance through SMS. "A clear mechanism of recovery can be carried out by partners," he explained.

For information only, the Decree on the Ministry of Transport (Permenhub) no. 108 of 2017 relating to the operation of public transport by road on the route regulated by the Special Lease Transport (ASK) states that the lower limit of the network transport RP 3,500 per kilometer, while the upper limit tariff is 6,500 Rp per kilometer.

Reporter: Harry Motahhari
Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie

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