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These are simple hints for getting rid of hepatitis A

There are some simple efforts that can be taken to prevent an attack or an infection with hepatitis A. As with hand washing before meals and cooking water until it is completely frozen.

The Hepatitis A epidemic hit Pacitan. So far 957 people have been exposed to viruses. They are found in 9 Puskesmas in Pacitan. Namely Sudimoro, Sukorejo, Ngadirojo, Wonokarto, Tulakan, Bubakan, Arjosari, Tegalombo and Ketrowonojoyo. For outbreaks, the Regency government sets KLB status (extraordinary events) by Tuesday (6/25).

"Although the overall number increases, it is important to remember that the addition of daily cases has suddenly fallen," said Dr. Pacitan Dr. Eko Budiono's Head of Health Office, on Sunday (June 30, 2019).

Then, how are the tips for preventing the transfer of & quot; jaundice & # 39 ;? According to Dr. Eku Budion, there are several important points to be understood and become a way of life for people.

"The first is washing hands before touching food or later in the bathroom," he explained.

This move is important, Eco said, receiving one of the Hepatitis A transmission media through food and drink. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the virus does not spread through the chair of the affected person.

The next step is getting used to boiling water to boiling. Even after getting the water out of the bubbles at 100 degrees Celsius, the container should not be lifted immediately, but leave for a few minutes.

"Next, for those who like to travel, keep food healthy. Make sure you always maintain your physical readiness to determine attacks (illnesses)," he added.

For patients with positive hepatitis A, Dr. Eko Budiono has been called to protect from spreading to others. You do this if you stay at home while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"If the situation is reduced (worsen), look for a hospital treatment right away at the nearest health center or hospital," he concluded.

After the establishment of the KLB, the Pacitan Regency Government intensively implemented socialization to break the hepatitis A chain. Apart from distributing health promotion officials, counseling was also conducted through social media videos.

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