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This is a prediction of the Samsung specifications of folding gadgets

Harianjogja.com, SEOUL – Samsung introduced its folded cell phone at the event Samsung's Developer Conference November 7, 2018, in San Francisco, United States. For this phone she claimed to be present for the coloring industry of smart phones 2019.

reported CNETOn Sunday (November 11th, 2018), the mobile phone will carry a 7.3-inch screen when it becomes a tablet. Then it will be a 4.5-inch screen when the phone is folded.

Although Samsung did not explain the handset in detail. Some predictions say the phone is protected by a 4.5-inch Gorilla Glass and a plastic lid on the inside screen.

Although some brands worked on a thin folding glass that could withstand hundreds of thousands of times without interruption. There is a strong possibility that Samsung can follow the steps on the Royole FlexPai mobile phone and use the type of plastic polymers.

On a 7.3 inch display, the phones can be folded in three ways and have their own functions. For example, users can see the entire screen. Then the screen can be divided into two areas where users can see two blades.

Especially if a user sends a message and can see two more applications during startup. With this, users can do a lot of tasks on the folded Galaxy.

Here are a few brief tips on switchable phones provided by Samsung. For your data, this folding mobile phone has rumored to have the name Galaxy X or Galaxy F.

  • 7.3 inches screen
  • Resolution: 1.536×2.152
  • Display density: 420 dpi / ppi
  • Image Ratio: (4.2: 3)
  • A 4.5 inch screen
  • Resolution: 1,960×840
  • Display density: 420 dpi / ppi
  • Image Ratio: (21: 9)

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