Wednesday , November 25 2020

This is the 5 meters most expensive ever found on earth

Jakarta – The presence of metric data in northern Sumatra is discussed. The price of space stone in online stores reaches 26 billion IDR. According to space experts, it is included in the category of carbonated chondrites (CM 1/2) Read more – Sea water continues to rise, NASA is examining unusual signs from Earth

There are still several meters available for sale. Here are the 5 most valuable metro stones from different sources. Read more – For the first time in reality, a real dinosaur appeared

Metrobit Fung

It is polytetrafluoroethylene containing polytetrafluoroethylene polystyrene. Scientists believe that only 1% of Earth’s meteorites are plastic. It is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. Sales reached 7 1.7 million or about 8 31.8 billion.

Mortor Brenham

Brenham Metrolitite is also made from palladium, which weighs half a ton. The shield-shaped shape was discovered in 2005 in Kansas, USA. It is worth 896,000 euros or 16 billion dollars.

Willamete mortar

One of the largest meteorites in the world, the rock is being sold in New York City in the US for 851,000 euros or 15 billion birr. However, after it was sold, the celestial body was immediately donated to the American Museum of Natural History. Since 1902, more than 16 tons of stones have been found.

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