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This year, LCD panels will be featured with fingerprints displayed below the screen

We must admit that the fingerprint technology on the screen, that is, fingerprints, is really cool. However, these biometric security features are currently available only on relatively expensive devices with display panels OLED.

In fact, this fingerprint technology is still being developed by a number of related experts to become truly mature technology. But on the other hand, few people think that this technology is a cost-effective solution, such as for panels LCD.

Ma! Screen Manufacturer from China, BOE it seems to work hard on it. They also ensure that an affordable fingerprint support LCD will be available soon this year.

BOE also found that they successfully implemented a fingerprint scanner inside the optical display on a conventional LCD screen. Of course, this is a major breakthrough for the market segment of smartphones of lower and middle class.

BOE said there are additional layers of backlight and LCD screens that are actually thicker than OLED's, which must be immediately overcome. That is why BOE engineers work hard to resolve the problem immediately.

According to market analysts, last year, about 85 percent of the smartphones delivered by the smartcards of 1.456 billion sent the still used LCD panels. It is obvious that this trend will move slowly towards OLED, but it still lasts long.

Previously, Fortsense and AU Optronics worked securely on the LCD with a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen. However, BOE has promised to begin producing LCD monitors that are compatible with fingerprints that are due until the end of 2019.

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That! Of course, with BOE's innovation, the low-end smartphone market can finally accept the feature of the fingerprint scanner on the screen in 2020.

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