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Viral, a woman angry to bring the psi's entrance to the mosque

VIVA – A viral video of a woman who nudges and carries a dog in the mosque. Videos uploaded to Twitter account @OppositeNewsIDOn Sunday afternoon, June 30, 2019, shows a woman in white and black trousers with a dog in the mosque.

In one-on-one video, the woman talked loudly with two of her interlocutors. She was investigating her husband who moved to Islam and married in the mosque.

The woman then introduced her religion and placed her dog on a carpet of mosques. Suddenly, the two men he spoke with were shocked and questioned the intent of his funny actions.

"I'm a Catholic," the woman said on an extraordinary video tape.

After seeing the confession of a woman who claimed to be a Catholic and let the dog wander in the pocket of the mosque, a man dressed in orange color, then pushed the woman and told her to leave the mosque.

Not accepting the woman, she rebelled and went crazy in the mosque. Worse still, the woman turned into a mosque using shoes or was not released. "My husband wants to get married here," she said briefly.

Pilgrims inside the mosque scattered while driving a dog that the woman deliberately released into the mosque. "Prohibit the dog, dogs can not enter the mosque," said the women's community.

When confirmed, police chief Babakan Madang confirmed the incident occurred at the Al Munawaroh mosque, Sentul City, this afternoon at around 13:00. The woman entered the mosque, went crazy and let her go to the mosque.

"The event is true, we were not able to provide information, and we still have Pulbaket (evidence collection and information)," said Babakan Madang, Chief of Police, Kompol Wawan Wahyudin, when it was confirmed. VIVA, (Asp)

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