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Why some believe in the Earth as Donuts? – VIVA

VIVA – Homeland advocates of the earth have different beliefs about the shape of the Earth that is not round. One of them, there are those who believe that the shape of the flat ground is not really straight, but shaped like a donut.

This teaspoon theory has emerged since 2012 in the Flat Earther forum. Many respond to this theory.

Quoted from the site nzheraldOn Monday, November 12, 2018, a person at the Flat Earth forum with the name of the Varuag account created a theory.

Varuag said that he first asked about the theory of earth shape in a flat country. Then, after learning, he was sure that every idea of ​​the flat land should be the result of a hard thinking and finally found the theory of flat donut-like forms of land.

"I'm sure someone who says the theory of flat land should think of the original ideas and follow a series of people who show shortcomings and come back to adapting their theories, removing shortcomings in them," Varuag wrote.

In this case, Varuag said, had a similarly similar Earth Form theory and was a forum that prepared a few explanations related to some general questions about the shape of the Earth like a donut.

Varuag prepared 11 explanations for the most common list of questions in order to answer the doubts about the shape of a flat country.

One popular question, if the shape of the Earth is like a donut, why there is no hole in the center of the Earth.

He explained, in fact, that the hole was there, but because there was curved light, the hole was invisible.

When you are in the middle of the bushy ground and lift your eyesight, the light goes through the first atmosphere. Now that another atmosphere is reached, the light is sufficiently reduced to reflect and reflect on the space so that you can see space.

"The light rotates and follows the donut curve, making the hole" invisible ", he said.

Then, for question, how to experience the day and night on the ground in the lower hole. Varuag prepares the answer.

He said, to answer this, simulate the horizontal torch on the table and turn it on. Continue to take the donut on your side, with a perforated hole on the flask.

"The torch lights are daily, turn halfway, that means it lasts 12 hours, and now is the side that is one day away from the torch and the night, and the nightmare faces the torch and during the day," he explained.

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