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Wow! Esemka car prices below Rp 150 million

Jakarta – After a long silence, Esemka has now expressed her seriousness that she can play in the Indonesian automotive industry. At least Esemka said she would launch a Pickup car called Esemka Bima.

The Esemka Bima comes with two engine choices, there are 1200cc and 1.300cc. But how official is Esemko Bim's mark?

PT Solo Manufacturing Creation (SMK) chairman Eddy Wirajaya said that when playing in satellite or suburban cities, Eddy missed the price of Esemk. Price will not exceed IDR 150 million.

"The price on the BIMA road, the price range we are still thinking about. If we look at our (Bima-Red) prototype, our box, we have to secure the right price. The range is below Rp 150 million," said Eddy at the Gran Melia Hotel, Jakarta. .

Consumer The Essemka also doesn't have to worry as this Indonesian assembled car will also provide a guarantee. So that drivers feel safe while driving.

Esemka assembled a factory in BoyolaliEsemka has assembled a factory in Boyolala Photo: Ragil Ajiyanto

"It's one of them that is also working with several parties to provide consumers with the best price and to get people to look at them," Eddy said.

"In addition to providing convenience for use within a specified time frame, we are also considering a 3-5 year warranty. And that goes back to the price. If a three year warranty is what we will reimburse to consumers," he said.

On the same occasion, PT SMK Director Joko Sutrisno explained that the Esemka factory in Boyolali has an area of ​​up to 11.5 hectares.

"The factory area is 11.5 hectares, which has built a test road, track, warehouse and construction area of ​​26,000 meters. For gasoline and diesel engines, each with a test, in addition we have monocoq plants with tests, chassis and cab." is Joko.

"In addition, we have the static test. The puncture test, the suspension, the body structure, the headlamp. Then we have the test drive, the holes, the lows and the lows, everything. And we were declared worthy of being a car factory, according to Ministry of Industry No. 34 2017." he added.

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