Wednesday , June 23 2021

Zumi Zola jailed eight years in prison

JAKARTA, – The Accused Zumi Zola was charged with eight years in prison by a prosecutor of the Commission for the Suppression of Corruption (CCP).

The governor was inactive at Jambi, and was also required to pay a fine of 1 billion Rp, 6 months in prison.

Other claims, the plaintiff has asked judges to withdraw Zuma's political rights five years after he has served his main sentence.

"Determining that Zumi Zulkifli, a defendant, legally and convincingly proved by law is guilty of jointly implementing a combination of corruption offenses," prosecutor Iskandar Marwato said in a lawsuit at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Thursday (August 11, 2018).

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The prosecutor in his opinion has estimated that Zumije's actions do not support the government's anti-corruption program.

Zumi is also considered to be hurt by the trust of the community.

"The relationship is important, the accused has complained of his actions, the accused has cooperated and honest, the accused has never been convicted, the accused was polite during the trial," the prosecutor said.

According to the plaintiff, Zumi has received groceries in the amount of more than 40 billion Rp. Zumi also mentioned receiving $ 177,000 and $ 100,000 in Singapore.

In addition, 1 unit of Toyota Alphard.

Prosecutors say Zumi also received money through close associate Apif Firmansyah, for RSD 34.6 billion.

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Then, through Asrul Pandapotan Sihotanga who is commissioned by Zumija of 2.7 billion pounds, $ 147,300 in money and 1 unit of Toyota Alpharda.

According to the plaintiff, Zumi received money from Arfan as Head of Public Works and Public Housing Office (PUPR) of the Provincial Government of Jamba of 3 billion and 30 thousand dollars and 100,000 Singapore dollars.

Zumi also mentioned the use of gift results to finance the personal needs of him and his family.

In this case, according to the plaintiff, Zumi bribed 53 members of the Jamb Provincial Representative Council (DPRD) and bribed members of the Steering Board for a total of 16.34 billion Rp.

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The bribe was given so that the leaders and members of the DPRP of the Jambi Province approved the Draft Regional Revenue and Expenditures Regulatory Plan for 2017 (RAPERDA APBD FY 2017) of the regional regulation for APBD 2017.

Then, in order to approve the proposal of the Provincial Council of Revenue and Budget Expenditure 2018 (RAPERDA APBD TA 2018) to be the regional regulation of the Regional Budget in 2018.

According to the plaintiff, Zumi violated Article 5 (1) (a) or Article 13 of the Law No. 31 of 1999, as amended by Law No. 20 of 2001 on the Abolition of Corruption Crimes Jo Article 55 Paragraph 1 Jo Article 65, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

Zumi is also considered to be in violation of the provisions of Article 12B of the Law of 31 January 1999, as amended by Law No. 20 of 2001 on the Abolition of Corruption Crimes Jo Article 55 Paragraph 1 Jo Article 65, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

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