Sunday , May 9 2021

Android Q Beta 2 hands – bubbles, alert helpers and more

Android Q Beta 2 hands - bubbles, alert helpers and more

Android Q Beta 2 is off! Despite the multitude of Google's bug warnings, I blamed it on my daily driver and I came back to report some things. Beta 2 gives us a new feature to play with "Bubbles," a lot of little changes and a frustrating slow development of Android's navigation navigation system.

Of course, everything is in progress, and there are numerous mistakes and weird designs. Nevertheless, we will continue to divert them, hoping to be cleansed before release. To immerse!

Blubs – a messaging or application feature or a notification board replacement?

The main feature of Android Q Beta 2 is "Bubbles," a multitasking user interface that has a striking resemblance to the old Facebook feature of "Chat Heads". Applications appear in floating windows and can be minimized in a small floating circle. Android supports it at OS level, so any application can be a balloon. Google suggests that you use it for messaging applications, apps, instructions, and everything else you would like to keep in hand while you're on the phone.

Bubble support does not apply automatically to applications – the developer needs to update each individual application in order to support bubbles. Since Android Q Beta 2 has just come out, the current zero application supports bubbles. Spit it –one The application supports bubbles: Google's example of Bubble application. This is briefly mentioned in Google's blog, but you get it here at GitHub, compile it into Android studio and send it to your Android Q phone. The result is a messaging application that lets you talk to animals.

Dog says "Wow", Cat says "honey", and overall, Bubbles is a standard messaging application. Magic comes from the button at the top right of the app, which lets you create a balloon. Just like the old Chat Heads feature, this bubble contains a small version of the messaging application. You can drag the bubble around the screen and then open or minimize the small programmer. To close the cloud, just drag it to the bottom of the screen.

Google's copy of the app will automatically respond to your messages after five seconds, and the idea is that you can send a full-screen user message, go to the home screen, and in five seconds the application will create a new balloon. This might be annoying if they are abusing the applications , so the use of bubbles is locked behind the permission. When you first create apps, you get a "leave" or "decline" permission that is added to the popup user interface, and you can change the app setting in the app settings in the app settings. In most cases, missed apps stay out of notification boards. When you first appear on a balloon you will get a double notification on the board, but if you interact with the bubble, the notification will disappear.

Android Q is beta, and there are some bugs. At first, bubbles appear at the bottom of the popup user interface at the bottom of the screen. This is good for availability, but when you open the keyboard, the bubbles and the user interface do not move up to make keyboard places like any other application, and the keyboard is covered. For now, you can use the Developer Command for a forbidden solution that forces the bubbles to open at the top of the screen and leaves the typing space. Second, bubbles should display the image of the contact, but this feature does not work in this beta version. The Google blog post specifically states that icons are "disabled in Beta 2" for any reason.

The third issue I noticed was that the UI open bubble appears below the notice board, but it will catch touch interaction above notification boards. So you have to close the bubble if you want to use the notice board.

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