Saturday , September 18 2021

Brendan Courtney must talk about Mom – and to herself

At the beginning of the new documentary Brendan Courteneva We need to talk about Mom (RTÉ One, Monday, 9:35 am) – the cross between a frank personal journal, a financial advisory program and a presentation – the lecturer is captured in the Freudian translation.

Shortly after his family got together to scatter the father of ash in the Dublin Gulf, whose family care was the subject of Courtney's intimate documentary We have to talk about dad at the beginning of last year.

Brendan's mind is embarrassed to see clearly. "As soon as it calms down, we can hope to start making some decisions about it," he says. She stops right now, turns her eyes and looks back at the camera's accusation: "We …" says mildly lethal. "She can start making decisions for her."

It's a story, because if Brendan needs to talk about Mom, he does it with his deep worries, private fears, and a characteristic approach. A woman of the seventies, Nuala Courtney is healthy, sharp, caring and astonishingly glamorous. Not surprisingly, she and Brendan should have such a close relationship: in many cases they are dead rings. Like many similar family members, this could be the reason for good humorous tensions between them.

Where they are different, their look is in the future. Brendan, who has built a career in giving life advice, whether sartorial or financially, recognizes plans for a sailor to keep the trees in the sea. Nuala tends to go with electricity.

He is happy to be in the form of one of Brendan's financial guidelines, we find that his mother has no retirement or nest egg, and even more embarrassing, no righteous understanding of herself.

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