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Brian O Driscoll: I remember Sean O & Brien entered training

Sean O "Brien will return to Ireland for this Saturday's visit to Argentina in what will be the first Lion's match in Croatia after almost a year.

Orien played only five Leinster encounters this season after another injury to the injured year, but he earns his head in front of provincial teammates Josh van der Flier and Dan Leavy and former coach Brian O & Drbcoll claims that O & # 39 Brien remained Ireland's first choice and built so much confidence in playing the group that his lack of gametime this season would not really matter to those in the team.

"There are some non-material things with Seanie," O 'Driscoll said in front of the Guinness series.

"I think that's the trust it brings when you see his name on the board and the experience you've already done." I can not remember too many bad games that Sean ever had. "He is so confronted and aggressive that there is no step back in it and it is comforting to see it in one of your leaders and main ball bearers.

"A man who can be destructive but also really developed his skills. It is an aura of Seanie. They are unknown that players have that when they played with some respect for them and I think they would see it in a lot of older players, they like to have Sean in his team.

"Josh is great this year, Jordi Murphy has done nothing wrong, but when everyone is fit, I still like Sean O & Brien as my opening start for the World Cup because he has rated and honored the ones he played with the ones he played against and he did it over a long period of time.

"We have a good position to have great matches, but I think everyone is fit, playing at best, Sean is still number one."

O Brien is one of only two Irish players who have been selected for multiple Lions tournaments and is the only player in the current match to win the ERC European Year of the Year award.

In 2009, Ireland won the Tullow Prize and won the European Player of the Year just two years later at age 24, only three years in a Leinster career. Physicality, struggle and aggression were the hallmarks of his game, and Driscoll said that those features that we see today from O 'Brien much of his early days in Leinster.

"Less is more common, but I remember sometimes appearing in pretty haughty cramps and no step back from it," Dr Driscoll added.

"You're getting bigger when it happens to young players, but it would not be a step backwards. You saw that at age 20 or 21 you got something out there.

"It is such a player that, if you run bad, can seriously damage your training, and such players are always frightening in your environment, but you are grateful for what you have on your side.

"He is a real leader, you can hear his voice on every cam, every little snack, every dagger, he's the Duracell bunny, he just does not stop and it brings confidence, and some will say when you write 80 minutes sign to fit, because if you're not, the first thing that goes out is chat. He's a final communicator and I think he's a great player. "

Ireland will be without Conor Murray, Garry Ringrose and CJ Standards for the match this weekend, but Driscoll added that he thinks this team, and especially this package ahead, is close to the strongest team available to Irish coach Joey Schmidt and he will be comfortable to support the next year's Rugby World Cup in Japan.

"Yes, I think this is the strongest package we have." Murray, Ringrose and Kearney are the three who you would imagine to be involved so I think it's a very strong team. I think Joe really feels that Argentina is still a god of the team for us is still the scar of that quarter of the World Cup.

"I have them scars from 99th and 07th, and they were a team that consistently raised us in big games, they are the side to be counted and playing big rugby. Porous defense, but you can fix it, which can do in attack is very exciting and I think it will really test us.

"They are a kind of side that we need to try us. It's great because our Achilles heel is narrow and we will use it if we jump."

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