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Hamilton: Ferrari kills us in the directions

Date of publishing: June 30, 2019

It is not possible to fight Ferrari for pole position in Austria, Lewis Hamilton admits that Mercedes loses ground on the Red Bull Ring.

During this year's championship, it was noted that the Ferrari SF90 was the car that would win the plains. However, when it comes to turning speeds, they belong to Mercedes.

But with ten, some would say nine, the corners on Red Bull Rings, circuit schedules played in Ferrari's hands on Saturday.

Charles Leclerc claimed that he was on the pole position the second fastest Hamilton, but a quarter of a second for the driver Monegas.

"We accelerated it, but we immediately noticed a bit of the Ferrari deficit," Hamilton said.

"We thought it would be a bit closer than it was, but they went out for a while in P3 and then went on to qualify.

"Definitely we underestimated how fast it will be, I would say, and finally I mean the plane.

"They really kill us on the stripes."

The British will start the fourth Grand Prix online after reaching a penalty for knocking Kimi Raikkonen in Q1.

Mercedes head coach Toto Wolff repeated the driver's thoughts about Ferrari's steep speed.

He told Sky Sports: "We're losing it in the right place, but I have to say that Ferrari did a decent job with bandwidth performance.

"The performance of high speed looks good, and if you can do it all, it puts you on the pillar.

"I just think we have the way we have packed our car, a bit marginal to cooling." If you add these two factors of height and heat together, it puts us in a compromised situation that we simply have to open more than we would like. "Ferrari did in this area better job.

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