Monday , June 14 2021

Have you moved from the headset jack?

Before Apple approached announcements for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there was a lot of rumors circulating that the company was planning to release a 3.5mm headphone jack. Those rumors were so frequent that before the change official officials had taken it as a gospel. "That's what Apple will do". It was not unheard of in any way, but it was supposed to have embarrassed some sort of bitterness when it turned out to be true.

Of course, this has not happened and we have seen many announcements about how Apple's decision was hostile to the user. I've never agreed with that feeling, mainly because Apple had a dongle life! Adapter, but it also included two Lightning headphones. So if you wanted a wire experience, there were two options in the box.

However! I can understand the frustration of losing something like a headphone jack, which was just the standard option for so long.

It's in 2016 and we saw a lot of devices that were released without a headphone jack. Samsung holds it, and so does LG. But we've seen Motorola, Google, and even OnePlus to decide to take the port away for a variety of reasons. And for me, it's a little funny for many companies to point their finger at Apple indirectly, saying the market has moved to wireless technology and is now "the right time" and what is not.

So here we are in 2018, and Apple does not include dongles in a box with the iPhone XS / XS Max or iPhone XR and it's obvious that people are again armed. But I think these other companies are right at this point. see a lots of wireless handset now, especially Apple's AirPod. Well, maybe it's okay to excuse you from the handset.

Maybe I'm out of it. I was looking forward to the day when I did not have to use a wired handset. I've tried a variety of wireless handsets over the years, finally solving the AirPode, and besides having to look after another device's battery, I definitely do not want to have any kind of wire.

What are your thoughts on this issue while we are still closer to 2019, and, hopefully, even better wireless technology for our headphones? Have you switched from the headset jack and, if so, which wireless headphones are you using these days? Or is the wire link still a priority for you? Let me know!

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