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Helping Nine-Year-Olds Recover From Eating Disorders – Podcast | Society

Maggie and her husband James have four daughters. While their oldest, Hattie, was still in elementary school, she began severely limiting her eating habits and exercising obsessively.

Eating disorders in young people can be life-threatening, although this was not the case for Hattie. Her case was unusual because of the age at which problems began – she was nine years old.

Maggie and James say Anushka Asthana they want to share their experience as it reveals something about the pressures on girls, the impact on families and the services they can help.

Also today: Gwyn Topham about MPs calling for a ban on the use of hands-free phone kits while driving after seeing evidence of how distracting they can be.

  • The names and voices in this episode have been changed

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