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Here's how often you need to clean your eye mask

When you want to settle into a deep, rejuvenating dream, you can reach for essential oils, some melatonin, or – probably the easiest option – with your trusted eye mask. Immediately after you put it, you are sent straight in the way of relaxation. But if you do not clean it regularly, you will not be sure that the beauty of beauty will promise a good night's sleep.

Now, let's figure out one thing: eye masks are not just cute Breakfast at Tiffany'saccessories. They really bring benefits. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the main reason for their use is that blocking the light encourages your body to produce more melatonin, making you feel more sleepy. And because they provide complete darkness, they help combat negative physiological and psychological effects of light, whether you live in a bright city or have a partner reading through a nightlight in the early morning hours. Research has shown that they can help you get more REM time, less excitement and elevated levels of melatonin, helping you to faint and stay out.

Unfortunately, wearing a sleeping mask every night comes with one major disadvantage. Because it rests on sensitive facials for hours, it can cause skin irritation. Especially if it's dirty. No matter what type of fabric you choose – whether it's silk, cotton (the most seductive!), Satin or memory foam – building a natural oil from your skin, bacteria and sweat is inevitable. So washing is often necessary.

Your individual eye mask will most likely have your own care instructions based on your material and durability, but if you notice itching or bleeding, most people recommend daily washing or every few days – whatever suits your skin's needs, in most cases means hand-washing with a hygroscopic detergent suitable for skin without any smell or washing in the dishwasher in the nozzle as you would brush other delicate items, such as your bras. To save time (and water!), This could mean buying several different sleeping and washing masks at the end of the week.

Although you may have to follow a little bit more, it will be more than worthwhile. With your eye mask, you'll sleep better at night and feel more energetic throughout the day.

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