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Hope grow to end the "insensitive" rationalization of IVF Society

After years of ruthless rationalization of IVF treatment, NHS bodies in England make them available to women without children, increasing the hopes of fruitful actors to end the "insensitive" politics.

The NHS Clinical Ordering Group at Herts Valley and South Norfolk re-established the IVF approach in April and this week.

Four CCGs in Kent also decided this month to postpone plans to reduce the number of treatment cycles offered to infertile women from two to one as a way to save money.

All women under the age of 40, who qualify, should receive three IVF cycles free of charge at the NHS, according to the National Institute of Excellence in Health Care and Nursing (Nice). But some CCGs do not even offer, and many provide only one, despite warnings to reject one of seven couples affected by fertility problems to become parents.

The government raises pressure on all CCGs in England, local authorities who run health care budgets, to prevent rationalizing IVF because it is unfair and harmful.

Observer can reveal that Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price told the CCG's chiefs that their rationalization tactics were unacceptable, that they had created an entry lottery and had to end up.

"Too many long-term fertility services have become known by the" postal "variation in their availability to NHS patients. It is unfair to infertility patients who have every right to expect NHS services based on clinical need, and it does incredible harm the reputation of the NHS that we all hold, "she said in a letter dated June 17.

Doyle-Price stressed that "infertility that causes great psychological difficulties" can cause and send CCGs to review their policies in the light of the new guidelines on commissioning fertility services produced by the HFEA regulator. IVF "inequality that is too long to grow [and] to destroy the lives of patients "must stop.

She added, "I can not stress enough that it is not acceptable that CCG does not offer routine access to fertility services. All CCGs should embark on full implementation of the Nice Recommendations. I invite you to take this opportunity to once and for all end your lottery fertility treatment. "

Activists are encouraged by the intervention of the minister. Following the South Norfolk CCG, it decided to re-finance two IVF cycles for women aged 23 to 39 and one for 40 to 42, and the Herts Valley CCG re-establish a cycle that was abolished in October 2017 . not to reduce the number from two cycles to one after public debate, it turned out that 62% of the participants opposed it.

The Fertility Network UK charity says that in these recent decisions it sees a "panacea of ​​hope". Sarah Norcross, co-chair of the Fruitful Promotion Group, said: "These are the steps in the right direction for fertility services in the NHS in England after substantial disinvestment in the last two and a half years and one of the five CCGs has reduced services."

In 2017, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG became one of the five CCGs who did not even fund IVF when it decided to suspend payment for any treatment. Research for Bourn Hall, a clinic near Cambridge, which treats NHS patients from all over Eastern England, revealed that it had a "devastating" effect on people who wanted to have a baby. Less than 150 people in Cambridgeshire per year have the right to finance if they are upgraded and their treatment would amount to only 0.03% of the CCG budget, they claim.

The CCG will decide at the beginning of July whether or not to return the funds. However, his recommendation is that he does not do it because of the "terrible" finance of the wider health system in which he is part, which includes four hospital trusts and will spend £ 192 million this year.

"These cuts of funding were devastating to many people. Infertility seriously affects the quality of life of those affected and their wider families, tightening relationships and causing mental health problems, "said Dr. Thanos Papathanasiou, leading clinician Bourna Halla.

"We hope to be able to use our fertility care experience to help C & P CCG simplify the service, resume IVF-funded NHS treatment, and improve patient outcomes for all."

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