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I do not get the "freedom" that Klopp and Guardiola have

Release Date: Sunday, June 30, 2019 7:33 AM

Mauricio Pochettino gave a new interview in which he admitted that there was no final word about Tottenham transfers.

Argentinac, who will lead Tottenham for the sixth consecutive year in 2019-20, spoke ahead of what he promises to be an important summer for the club.

Spurs did not sign for Lucas Moure in January 2018, after they could not add one player to the last two windows.

"In Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal has no freedom Pep and Klopp have in Manchester City and Liverpool," Pochettino said in a conversation with Spanish TV3.

– Pep has complete control over the city plan. This is a different model in Tottenham and other clubs.

Since Tottenham recently added players, Liverpool has brought similar players like Fabinho and Naby Keita, while Manchester City signed Riyad Mahrez last summer.

However, it seems Pochettino will have at least one new name this summer. The signing of Jack Clark from Leeds United is allegedly inevitable, though it can be borrowed from Marcela Bielse.

Meanwhile Lyon's Tanguy NDombele is linked to some of the biggest clubs in Europe and will be something to sign if Tottenham succeeds.

Pochettino had doubts in his future with the Spurs at various venues before the Champions League final, but he seems to stay after Real Madrid and Manchester United look for another for their next regular men.

"Selling players, making decisions and bidding, buying players," he added. "This depends solely on the manager, in the case of a Pep or a Cluster."

"Things are not the same in other clubs [like Tottenham]"

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