Monday , July 26 2021

"Living Bed" is a top seller, as Ikea sold EUR 181.5 million in mass

Ikea's best selling day bed
Ikea's best selling day bed

When it comes to furniture, the Irish are lazy, favoring the daily bed as our top gift from the Ikea furniture store.

The Swedish company reported yesterday that sales in Ireland increased 7.4 percent in the company's last financial year, to EUR 181.5 million.

Long-lasting record temperatures during the summer had a big hand in rising revenue, and outdoor furniture was the largest growth area in Ikea Ireland, with a 29 percent increase in sales.

The best-selling online product was the Hemnes daily bed, and the most popular products were the white Kallax police and the White Ribbon box.

Despite impressive performance in Ireland, the company said there was no plan to open more stores here.

It was rumored that the recent introduction of online shopping helped boost revenue in Ireland.

Ikea Ireland's market director Claudia Marshall said the company was focused on investing in a so-called multi-channel approach, meaning online sales as well as sales of physical stores.


"We are not currently planning to open additional stores in Ireland," she said.

Marshall said the online focus was "a great success and has been strong in the first 10 months of work, giving users the opportunity to shop with Ekim whenever and wherever they want."

Dublin internet customers were the largest online ordering group on, followed by Cork, Galway and Kildare.

The sales number covers the financial year by the end of August.

The company also said it was triggered by investing in its two sales centers – full size stores in Ballymun and its "Order and Collection" in Carrickmines, South Dublin.

He reported that price reductions and hot summer also helped.

"Ikea seasonal sales saw the boost of buffalo, and this year is the strongest growing area in Ikea Ireland, with the largest growth of 29 percent," the company said.

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