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Marvel's Spider-Man Web Swinging has taken insomnia for nearly three years

Web swinging is the most important part of any Spider-Man game. Of course, the good story is a beautiful, high quality design of the open world is a long way, and visual fidelity is always a nice advantage, but if the web swing is bad in Spider-Man, the game is bad. That said, web swinging is what Marvel's Spider-Man the PS4 gets the most right, and so it should come as no surprise that a lot of work went into it as a three year worth of work.

Speaking at Gamelab 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, game manager Ryan Smith talked about the early development of the PS4 game, including the early stages of his mechanic. According to Smith, this was the first thing the team started to do, and it was not over until the end of development, which meant it took about three years.

Interestingly, the team initially started with a physics-based swing system, but it turned out to be too much trouble to get to work. For example, the problem was that players would constantly collide with the buildings, which is not fun and is not Spider-Man. It also made it harder to run on the wall, so Insomniac made some changes in the face of what's in the game today.

Angle turning was difficult to overcome, and Insomniac finally decided on a somewhat more fluid feeling, not on something that required precise control movements.

"Moving through the crossroads – this was something where we unlocked a part of the momentum transfer between the big waves and the different places, could jump in the swing, it was a huge change for us," Smith said. "By adding an expressive camera that makes you feel like you're a Spider-Man – to feel during those swings, during diving, and how can this be accentuated by the camera? All this has been developed in the space of two or three years, finding you options based on the prototype we had. "

Marvel's Spider-Man is available only for the PS4 and PlayStation 4. For more news, media and information on all Spider-Man, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the hero and all related stuff by clicking here.

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