Thursday , January 21 2021

Meghan Markle news: Meghan and Prince Harry to "work best" on his Royal relationship News

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex grew up with developed parents, which had a lasting impact on their adult lives, according to Caroline Strawson, Accredited Divorce and Trainer of Positive Psychology. Children of divorced couples have already gone through the mental effort that separates and want to do everything to avoid having their own offspring through the same experience, explained Mrs. Strawson. Speaking of Meghan and Harry, she said it was no coincidence that they were waiting until the 30's to marry.

Mrs. Strawson said, "People who are subject to divorce are seeking longer decisions to marry, because they know the effects of divorce and do not want to go through it."

This behavior can be seen not only in the relationship between Meghan and Harry, but also in Meghan's first marriage with producer Trevor Engelson.

Los Angeles, a talent scout and then actress Meghan, began dating in 2004, but only after seven years she married in 2011.

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Mrs Strawson added: "Important conversations were made before the wedding, to ensure that the main issues do not appear afterwards and make the right decision".

While people coming from a unified family and those who are considered as divorced by women in their twenties as "as an easy solution to the problem," couples like Meghan and Harry saw "the trauma they are creating," said Mrs Strawson.

She continued: "Even after the marriage, especially with the children, when the problem arises, they are aware of the efforts, they look at counseling, communicate with each other if something is wrong before a disastrous stage occurs.

"Almost their past experience has given them an embedded radar that helps them recognize when things go wrong – and intervene immediately."

Although it is true that divorce can develop a mental scar, most people like Meghan and Harry, who have successfully lived in trauma, do not focus on the negative aspect of their parents' marriage but learn from it, an expert said. .

She explained, "Rather than just looking at it as a negative thing that has happened to them, they see it as a learning aspect, it becomes what's not happening to them."

Meghan's parents, Thomas Markle Snr and Doria Ragland, married in 1979 and divorced in 1987 when she was only six years old.

Prince Harry was twelve years old when prince Diana and Prince Charles signed divorce documents but were experiencing their bursting separation and scandal involving them, including the brilliant interview that Princess Diana issued in 1995, where she set naked Charles's career and Camille's.

Ms Strawson believes that the public attention received by Charles and Diana divorces gives Harry additional reason to work undisturbed to ensure that his relationship with Meghan remains strong as it is now.

She said, "You see, especially with Harry, who was very open about his mental health problem, caused a divorce developed by the public eye, which gives them the naturalness to understand that their marriage is very important and they need to work on it . "

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