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Microsoft launches public tests for "Halo: Reach" on your computer

Like there, there are good news for players when it finishes Main Collection comes update. Although Forge will not be available for PC launch, the team plans a "one-time" transfer of old Forge maps and game types from player file files to incorporate them into MCC, If you had a favorite Halo 3. Halo 4 or Halo: Reach you can play a customized map in a modernized form. There is no date yet, and there appears to be no "effective solution" that could bring movies and screen shots MCC, but it wins the loss of its old content to the fog of time.

The developers also clarified plans for MCCthe whole system of progression. Unlike some seasonal games, you will not miss the opportunity to unlock the equipment from one season after the start of the new season. You can even use points earned in one game by adjusting to another game. Also, reach they may include ways to unlock the content that was first required for promotion, such as pre-orders and account connections. While there is no guarantee that you will see everything you've ever had, you will probably not be limited to the basic version of each game.

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