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Paris Hilton invites a wedding; Ex Chris Zylka wants to call the engagement ring

After 11 months of engagement and 2 years of dating, Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka officially separated.


TMZ reported that Paris was the one who called for engagement. The word on the street tells the heir did not return a 20-carat diamond rock worth 2 million dollars – and her ex-wishes to come back. According to the California law, Chris has the right to return his ring.

Paris Hilton
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"They broke up and called their engagement earlier this month. Their relationship began after two years. Paris will focus on its brand of DJs and fragrances, while Chris will return to acting and art, like his pop-up gallery with Banksy during Art Basel, Told Just Jared a source close to the 37-year-old real star and a 33-year-old actor.

"What is close to the former flame is obviously not a surprise to their interruption. "This wedding will never happen. They never had an engaging party, and Chris's parents never even met the Parisian parents. They postpone the date 11/11 without a new date, "Said another family member.

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Paris has told reporters earlier that their wedding was pushed up by 2019 due to their busy work schedules. However, the wedding date has never been redistributed. The duo was first associated as a pair in 2017 and Chris got a knee pop question during a ski trip to the New Year.

The heir recently went to Instagram and shared the offer, "I believe everything is happening for reasons. People are changing so you can learn to let go. Things are wrong to appreciate them when they are right. You believe it lies by learning to entrust anyone other than yourself. Sometimes good things break down so that better things can collapse together".

Talk show host Wendy Williams has a few speculations about guessing why a friend is unhappy in love. "This is the third time she was engaged and called her. 3 different men … My thing with Paris, you know I love her, I adore her, she is a very nice person. But, you know there are some women who are very beautiful and have everything, but for whatever reason they are harmed. I think it's bad," she said.

Paris completed its engagement with Jason Shaw in 2003 and Paris Latsis 2005. "I think he loves more than ever he loves a man. Maybe it's bad in bed?"Wendy added, Oh, shade!

Sources: People, Daily Mail, Mirror.

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