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Smart materials provide real-time insight into the emotions of users – an overview of Eurasia

A smart carrier technology that changes color, warms, compresses or
vibrating as your emotions are intensified, it has the potential to help
People with affective disorders better control their feelings.

Researchers from the School of Computing at Lancaster University and
The communications worked with smart materials on the prototypes worn by the wrist
which can help people who are diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bi-polarity
emotional disturbance.

Wrist straps that change color depending on the level of emotionality
excitement allows users to easily see or feel what's going on without it
they must refer to mobile or desktop devices.

"Knowing our emotions and how we can control them are complex skills
which many people find to be difficult to overcome, "said co-author Muhammad
Umair, who will present a study at DIS 19 in San Diego.

"We wanted to create cheap, simple prototypes for support
understanding and engaging in real changes in excitement. Idea
is to develop self-help technologies that people can use in their own
everyday life and be able to see through what they are going through. Wrist-worn
private affective clothing can serve as a bridge between the mind and the body
and can really help people to connect with their feelings.

"Previous work on these technologies focused on graphs and
abstract visualization of biosignals, the tradition of mobile and desktop
interface. But we focused on devices that can handle and provide
not just visual signals, but can also be felt through vibrations, a
tightness or feeling of heat without the need for access to another
program – as a result we believe prototype devices provide
in real time, not in historical data. "

The researchers worked with changing thermocromous materials
when heated, as well as vibrating or compressing devices
wrist. Device tests have shown that participants carry prototypes
from 8 am to 4 pm, reporting between four and twelve
eight times each time it is activated – during an event such as playing
games, work, chats, watching movies, laughing,
relaxation and fear.

The skin reaction sensor has picked up changes in excitement
galvanic skin reaction, which measures electrical conductivity
skin – and presents it through various prototype designs.
Those smart materials that were both current and permanent and which they had
the most effective are physical rather than visual results.

Muhammad added: "Participants began to pay attention to their own
emotional reactions at a time, realizing their mood
he quickly changed and realized what he was causing
activation device. That was not always an emotional response, but
Sometimes other activities – such as taking part in the exercise – could
cause reaction.

"One of the most striking discoveries is that the devices helped
the participants began to identify the emotional responses they were
not in advance, even after just two days.

"We believe we can better understand the materials we have
Employees and their quality can open up new design features
which are enhanced emotions and allow people a better feeling
emotional and emotional understanding. "

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