Sunday , April 11 2021

The HSE missed the target of 100,000 doses of vaccine last week

The health service’s executive service missed its goal of vaccinating 100,000 doses last week, according to new data released today.

In the week from last Monday to Sunday, HSE administered 81,843 doses.

That’s 18,157 doses less than the 100,000 he pledged to deliver, according to data released on the HSE vaccination dashboard.

Last week, the lowest number of vaccines delivered one day during the week was recorded, with 2,427 first doses and 35 second doses added.

By Sunday, 51,930 of 72,000 people aged 85 and over had received their first dose of the vaccine from a general practitioner.

Four patients received the second dose.

In a statement, HSE said AstraZeneca warned late last week that two deliveries, one last week and one this week, had been delayed, totaling 25,000 vaccines.

It is said this will have an impact on vaccines administered both this week and last.

HSE said it was guaranteed that the deficit would be made up during this month.

The latest stories about the coronavirus

Meanwhile, the number of patients in the hospital with Covid-19 continues to fall, according to the latest data from the executive service of the health service, which shows that last night there were 475 patients with the disease in the hospital, which is a decrease of 23 cases.

The number of patients in intensive care with Covid-19 is also slowly declining, from 112 patients last night.

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