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The key decision is not to comply with Fulham, says Jokanovic

Fulham Slavisa Jokanović's head of staff stopped at Aleksandar Mitrović's opposition to Anfield (Barrington Coombes / PA).
Fulham Slavisa Jokanović's head of staff stopped at Aleksandar Mitrović's opposition to Anfield (Barrington Coombes / PA).

Fulham's inadequate pressure Slavisa Jokanović believes that the players and fans were unfair by the decision to ban the goal of Aleksandar Mitrović in a 2-0 defeat at Anfieldu.

In the central 14 seconds, Serbia's header was expelled internationally because of a marginal decision, and Liverpool went straight to the other end and took the lead through Mohamed Salah.

Television representations suggested that Maxime Le Marchand was the most advanced man, but he did not try to win over the cross of Andre Schurrle, while Mitrovica might have played a line by Reds defender Andy Robertson.

In order to merge Fulham's complaint, Alison Becker's free kick was still rolled when Liverpool's goalkeeper launched a counterattack for Salah's goal.

Xherdan Shaqiri was confident in the spot just after the break, but that was the main goal that proved crucial.

"In that country you can not normally show disrespect for the referee, which is a problem because it has shown disrespect to my team and I and the Fulham fans," Jokanovic said, who, after seven consecutive defeats, left Cottagers' bottom of the table.

"When I checked the clips, Robertson (who) did not do a good job to squeeze, and my player was on his feet and scored a goal.

"If the ball is turning or turning, it is likely that at one point, the key moment, instead of 1-0 up we are 1-0 down.

"We can talk about this situation for hours, but the damage is done.

"It's a completely absurd defense situation. To catch us at the counter, this guy (Salah) is really quick and well done, but the feeling is we're frustrated, disappointed.

"We do not talk so much about my situation."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admitted that his team might be lucky, both accident finding and Ryan Sessegnon missed when he was cleansed in the first half, but felt his team deserved his victory.

Pure passion Xherdan Shaqiri. ?

Posted by Liverpool FC on Sunday November 11, 2018

"I do not want to be compared, but we have achieved a clearer goal against Arsenal, which we did not get," said Reds.

"You can not change it, it is most important to react so quickly in that situation and it was great: Alisson, Trent (Alexander-Arnold), Mo and did.

"It is very important that you have such situations in your cabinet that you can use it.

"In the end we were a little lucky and perhaps because Robbo is not 100 percent out of power by the heels. We can not change it, Fulham can not change it.

"In addition to achieving more goals, it was really a good performance." Fulham always has the quality that causes problems. "We had to work, we won it.

Heathen Keita and Jordan Henderson both returned from baggage injuries, and Klopp said he was happy because they are now leaving for international duty.

However, he has "debates" with England over the role Joe Gomez will have as the 21-year-old has already played 17 times this season.

Joe Gomez, on the right, saw plenty of action this season (Barrington Coombs / PA)

"If you ask me, I always want to stay here," he added.

"In this case, Guinea is playing one game against the Ivory Coast and he (Keita) is capable of four or five days playing another game is great for him.

"Most players have only one match: England and Brazil have two games, which is not too good, especially with the latest match on Tuesday night so that Brazil is good in England and not elsewhere and the stress road will not be too much.

"Joe had all the games, we're not sure, we're talking about that, Hendo is 100 percent and needs a game. That's great."

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