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The retired person cries out until he is found guilty of murdering a violent, abusive & # 39; partners

Free: Desmond Duffy followed the Criminal Justice Court after being found guilty of murdering his partner Des Sullivan. Photo: Tony Gavin
Free: Desmond Duffy followed the Criminal Justice Court after being found guilty of murdering his partner Des Sullivan. Photo: Tony Gavin

Retired person Desmond Duffy left the court yesterday after finding that he was not guilty of murdering his "abusive" and "violent" partner, 59-year-old desmond Dessie Sullivan.

Mr. Duffy (70) quietly cried and whispered "thank you" because the jury left the courtroom after seven and 11 minutes with respect to his judgment after a nine-day trial. Mr. Duffy has said from the very beginning that he works in self-defense after his 36-year-old partner knocked him into the kitchen of his home in Somerville Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

At 16:45, the jury returned with its verdict. Justice Paul McDermott thanked the members of the jury and freed them from the jury's ten years of office. Then he turned to Mr. Duffy and told him he was fired.

Mr. Duffy then turned to his legal adviser and asked, "Can I go?" Outside the court, his apprentices hugged him as he was ready to go home.

The trial heard Mr Duffy call Gary Maurice Ward, married to the deceased's nephew, shortly after 22:00, May 23, 2016, to say "trouble" and to be able to hurry.

Mr Ward arrived about 30 minutes later and found Mr Sullivan's body in the kitchen.

During the trial, the accused took his own defense, telling Defense attorney Caroline Biggs that he was not there to blur Mr. Sullivan's name. "You do not spend 36 years of your life with someone you do not like, we had our problems, but Dessie also had a good hand," Duffy said.

He apologized to Mrs Biggs to defend himself against the attack of his "abusive" and "violent" partner. He added: "I'm sorry for my family, especially his mother with whom I was very close, sister and others, but still mourned, broken, and heartbroken because of what happened. I lost my partner for 36 years and Never Never I will not go over. "

He further testified: "I never intended to hurt or hurt him."

Duffy said he stayed with Mr. Sullivan in spite of his abuse. "I covered it and I refused," he said, "and at the end of the day I loved a man."

State Pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy said that Mr. Sullivan died from the compression of the neck causing oxygen deficiency in the brain. Mr. Sullivan had hypertensive heart disease and a combination of alcohol and diazepam in his bloodstream that could contribute to his death, making him vulnerable to heart arrhythmias. She found evidence of small eye bleeds, which she said were common in cases of asphyxia. She said bleeding had shown that the airway was blocked for "a few seconds".

The curse around Adam's apple was consistent with Mr. Duffy's explanation that he used the fingertip and thumb of his right hand when it came to defend himself.

Several witnesses heard Mr Duffy's victim of family abuse for about three decades.

Anne Quinlan said she had come to Killiney's wedding home with two men in the mid-1980s and while Mr. Duffy drove Mr. Sullivan started to hit him in the face, head and upper body and screamed.

Melissa Farrell recalled that Mr. Sullivan was dancing at the crematorium in the morning at the funeral of Mr Duffy's brother. Later that day, Mr. Sullivan rejected the sausage basket and chips on Mr Duffy's head.

There were other incidents, and Mr. Duffy said he would sometimes stay at the hotel in order to avoid abuse.

The night when Mr. Sullivan died, two drank in Rathmines and returned home about 21 o'clock.

The neighbors heard the voices raised, and one said it was different, because Mr. Duffy seemed to be back.

Mr. Duffy said that when they came home, Mr. Sullivan began to hit him and pull his hair off. Duffy went to bed, hoping to alleviate the situation, but Mr. Sullivan followed him.

Mr. Duffy went down, and he continued with Mr. Sullivan, who slammed Mr. Duffy. Duffy said he raised his hand to defend and push Mr. Sullivan down to the kitchen department.

He said Mr. Sullivan pushed for him but then slid down the wall and fell to his side.

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