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Travelers in Cork flew to Aer Lingus for the cancellation of the Lisbon flight

"Hungry, upset and disappointed" is how Margaret Linehan feels after she has been postponed in Lisbon for more than 20 hours, waiting for the Aer Lingus flight to Cork, which should go on Saturday night.

Mrs. Linehan, a professor at the Cork Institute of Technology, was among about 200 passengers who sailed on a Saturday at 10.45 am to get off at 1 am for "gum problems".

She was traveling home from a four-day conference with her husband, Dr. John Mullins, a retired bookstore. She said they did not provide any assistance from Aer Lingus or terrestrial personnel at the airport after the passengers took off the flight.

"There were six stewards waiting in the taxi stand, asking them what to do and telling us that earthy staff would help us, and the terrestrial staff said they had nothing to do with it," Margaret told Echo.

The CIT professor said he asked the staff whether the passengers would be booked for accommodation after the flight had been canceled, but he was told that all the hotels were full due to a pending religious conference. The couple then booked a nearby hotel at 3am.

Margaret said that two people in the wheelchairs were sleeping at the airport, as well as sick people and many younger children.

At 8.30 on Sunday morning, Margaret received a text from Aer Lingus that said the flight was at 14 o'clock. They came to the airport at 12 o'clock and just because there were no flights at that time.

Mrs. Linehan said the airline was feeling very disappointed, which she once believed to be reliable.

In the statement, Aer Lingus apologized to the vulnerable passengers. "Aer Lingus's operating team did all he could to get the flight back as soon as possible, but due to limitations at the airports in Lisbon it was not possible until evening.[Sunday]"

"We sincerely apologize to our guests for the inconvenience, but we want to convince them that our teams have done everything in their power to resolve the situation as soon as possible."

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