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Banks ban entry to trucks in Gaza

Banks ban entry to trucks in Gaza

GAZA, Sunday, November 11, 2018 (WAFA) – Extreme Israeli settlers on Sunday banbished the entry of dozens of trucks with basic supplies and fuel in the Pojas Gaza across the border crossing of Karm Abu Salem, on the farthest south-eastern border of Gaza with Israel, said WAFA correspondent .

He said dozens of residents blocked the main road leading to the Karm Abu Salem crossing, preventing access to trucks loaded with goods, foodstuffs, fuel, cooking gas, and building materials destined for the Gaza strip.

Hundreds of trucks are still waiting on the Palestinian side of the border crossing, waiting for trucks to come off the Israeli side, but without success at the moment.

Truck drivers on the Palestinian side allegedly abused their horns as a protest because of the barrier of immigrants.

Karm Abu Salem is the only commercial border crossing of Gaza that is intended for the entry of necessary humanitarian goods such as food, fuel, gas and cement into a densely populated coastal enclave. Its closure means further worsening of the humanitarian crisis stemming from the twelve-year blockade of Gaza in Israel.

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