Monday , July 26 2021

DIP Strengthening ICOs is a huge incentive for ether

Although there is a lot of legitimate concerns about the ICO's legality, the DIP will align the space by creating a clear distinction between digital assets and securities. Once these guidelines come to life, Ethereum as a smart negotiation platform and a coin-issuing blocker could see increased demand-driven demand above key levels of resistance.

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That ICOs are a devastating but innovative way of collecting funds is true. It is also true – according to the previous interviews of the SEC that most of the financed projects are thus securities. To this end, the DIP will provide guidance in plain English on when the initial money bid was used through any smart contracting platform classified as security.

While speaking at DK Fintech Week, William Hinman, Director of Corporate Finance at DIP, said the agency would draw up a reference guide for developers planning to issue chips. In this way, the DIP and the director hope will remove the kinks, providing more clarity as to whether investors should be supervised by DIPs after they buy such securities.

For greater clarity as to whether digital assets are security or utility, investors can get in touch with their new wing officials, FinHub's "Quick Returns on Securities Issues and Security Offerings". Most importantly, the DIP will classify each mark as collateral if there is any expectation of future gains or return on investment. Further guidance will also affect transactions on the secondary chip market that DIP classifies as securities.

ETH / USD Price Analysis

Weekly chart

ETH / USD Price Analysis

From the top-down approach it is clear that the ETH / USD is stable and still ranges within the $ 50 range with clear $ 200 and $ 250 support. As before, we suggest you take a neutral stand until you get solid wins above a week-long loss ending September 9.

On the other hand, a loud loss in the price below Sep lows to $ 160 could mean another wave to sell pressure that will ultimately lead to a potential collapse of the ETH / USD below $ 100. By the way, it is not far away because what is basically the priming market at this time is the expectation and bullish sentiment.

Discussions on implementing x1000 scalability solutions are positive, but for now prices should still cost over $ 300. So from the effort to the result of the standpoint, the bears are technically responsible.

Daily chart

ETH / USD Price Analysis

Meanwhile, ETH / USD prices are trading in a narrow range of clear-cut retail stores in October. Due to rising prices on Sundays, we expect the prices to be higher, but before that we need to see clear wins above October 11 to $ 250 as mentioned above.

But since the volumes were high on November 5, buyers have a chance and as such aggressive merchants should start buying on-site with interruptions at $ 190, and first goals at $ 250 and later $ 300.

The powerful moment of bulls above these two levels of resistance means strong support, and the ETH / USD prices could go back to $ 400, thus cementing it as the second most valuable money in space.

Waiver: Prospects and opinions are expressed by those authors and are not investment advice. Trading in any form involves a risk and so do your due diligence before making a trading decision.

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