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Does Hannah Brown regret her time on the show?

The latest season in Bakelorette is perhaps the most dramatic in the history of the show. Hannah Brown, a girl from the South, contagious laughs and a propensity to speak, no matter what, has been at the center of more controversy.

Ultimately, Brown went with her heart and chose a man he thought was the perfect partner – only to find that he had lied to be single when he joined the show.

Since then, Brown has gone through even more turmoil, but one thing remains consistent – she is not sorry she has become Bakelorette.

What happened between Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron?

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown | Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

At the end of the famous fifteenth season of Bakelorette, Hannah Brown faced a difficult choice – two different men decided to love her, Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. Brown picked Wyatt and the two got engaged.

Almost immediately after their engagement, the tabloids became overkill, as it was revealed that Wyatt was actually dating another girl at about the time he went on the show.

After breaking off her engagement to Wyatt, Brown admitted that she still had chemistry with Tyler Cameron. At the post-season special, Brown asked Cameron if he wanted to "have a drink sometime," and he readily agreed.

While some fans were angry with Cameron for agreeing to see Brown after becoming her "second choice," the two were spotted together several times after the specials.

Are Brown and Cameron still dating?

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron seemed to be on the path to bliss, and Cameron was even seen leaving Brown's apartment in early August. Still, Cameron found great demand, and these days he owned his sights on a supermodel.

Cameron is currently dating supermodel Gigi Hadid and has been seen on several dates with her.

Brown recently made an announcement regarding the Cameron / Hadid drama and admitted that while she was "a little confused" by Cameron's actions, he had the right to see whoever he wanted, especially considering that they didn't really go out.

Brown said that for her, she will continue to move forward in her life and that she is not attached to any man. Fans are very divided, with many hooking up with Cameron in his pursuit of true love, with some claiming that he should have dated Brown only for a while before splitting into other relationships.

Is Brown sorry about being on reality TV?

Fans can assume that after all she’s been through, Brown is gone from reality. Still, Brown has a positive attitude about his time Bakelorette and he doesn't regret going to the show.

In a recent interview, Brown stated that she was her most up-to-date and honest self throughout the show, and although she undoubtedly made some mistakes, her intentions were good and all people can really hope for. Certainly, Brown became one of the most popular presenters in the history of the show, and many women considered her a great role model and her honesty and integrity were the hallmarks of the show.

As for the future that Hannah Brown might have, everyone speculates. Since she is not currently dating Tyler Cameron, her options are open and the whole world is at her feet. Tyler Cameron may have even more excitement in the future – he is speculated to be considered a leader in next season Bachelor.

With all the drama it is still circulating Bakelorette, Cameron's guest appearance on the show could boost viewership in a big way.

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