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Eating & # 39; Tres Amigas & # 39; about a feud with Kelly Dodd

Although Kelly Dodd is from Real Housewives of Orange County she has spoken with most of the cast before, it seems that her relationships have now completely crumbled.

After a shocking Twitter war with Tamra Judge, the actors share that Dodd goes out with several ladies. Other than the judge, he's still not on good terms with Vicki Gunvalson or Shannon Beador.

Chrissy Teigen and Kelly Dodd
Chrissy Teigen and Kelly Dodd | Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Women appeared to call themselves "Tres Amigas" Jerry O & # 39; Show and talked about what was happening with Dodd. In addition, they shared where the Dodd connection is today.

Dodd did something & # 39; serious & # 39;

Host Jerry O & # 39; Connell said he has a feeling that women really don't like Dodd this season. Women insist that viewers keep watching them. But the judge added: "I've been trying to help her all season, all season long," she said. "Stuck for her." She added while Gunvalson wasn't, Beador was on her back for a while.

O & # 39; Connell said Beador and Dodd were on good terms at the end of last season. The two were just single and were hitting the exit scene. "It was a shame because we started the season as friends," she says. "We hooked up the camera. We really developed a real friendship. But she did something serious, and you'll see that again this season."

Gunvalson said Dodd wasn't very nice … with everyone. "She's not a good person. I mean, I could talk to a nail technician, a hair person, anyone, they're like," She's just not pretty. You know? " the moment I'm around nice people. "

Could this be one of the problems?

Although Beador would not discuss what Dodd did, her boyfriend Dr. Brian Reagan may be in hot water with some ladies. Reagan recently revealed that he was doing some work on Beador. In addition, he made comments that could have devastated her a bit.

"Shannon liked what Kelly did," Reagan told Page Six. "Shannon came in. Her deal was completely different. She was 10 years old and had some other problems with losing weight. So we made it more complicated [procedure], but still, he was awake. They both had vigilant procedures, which I think is a job for a lot of patients. Shannon also had a face firmly on her lower face and neck, but she had grease on her cheeks and then treated the dermabrasion with folds around her mouth. "

During an interview with Page Six, he discussed how he has to deal with "aging issues" when it comes to Beador. He then said Dodd doesn't need as much work because he's younger. "Kelly is younger and has had no problems with her skin," Reagan said. "Her skin is beautiful and Kelly has no problem losing volume. We just addressed what was in it, and it was just the elasticity on her face and neck."

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