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Girl Little Drummer recap: Episode 3 – Cold-handed chess game Television and radio

SPOILER ALERT: This recap contains spoilers for the episode of The Little Drummer Girl. Here you can read two recap episodes

When does the "real theater" turn into too much? The episode of three little girls The Little Drummer began with God's glimpse of a red Mercedes-coated explosive that hit the Greek roads and ended up with the same vehicle that broke into a fireball on a German motorway. Kurtz (Michael Shannon) and his team made a cold-blooded and very out-of-the-box performance: the assassination of Salim / Michel and his pretty Kurir Anna, the bombers of Bad Godesberg who opened the series. So the act of revenge, but one deliberately designed to make the conflict ongoing.

Editing to kill these sought-after terrorists in Germany, Kurtz gave his local police force Paul Alexis – a chef of cheese and a useful intelligence – an easy way to end the Bad Godesberg case. He also had a hidden motive: to empty the real goal, the main bombshell Khalil. The study of the final moves of his brother's brother, Sali, should guide Khalil with carefully embroidered paper traces of love letters and receipts of the hotel; a path that ends with Charlie (Florence Pugh). He can have fun in Scrabble, but Kurtz plays chess, thinking of three moves ahead.

Was there any doubt that Charlie would accept her mission to look for explosives at multiple borders? The episode began with her already on the road and misunderstanding with the car radio, but in one of the weird rewind blossoms that became the sign of this drama, we were back in her al fresco briefing with Becker (Alexander Skarsgård). Like acting exercises, most of her instructions were published to her as her lover Michel, even if he dismissed it – "Semtex is popular because it is stable but I would not smoke a cigar", it seemed to be Becker clean. Then, with Jason Bourne-esque stack of different currencies in the Euro, she is off.

Kurtz (Michael Shannon) and Alexis (Alexander Beyer).

Kurtz (Michael Shannon) and Alexis (Alexander Beyer). Photo: BBC

In his home in Munich, Kurtz suddenly decided to pull the curtain for Salim / Michel, marching his captive from his "cell" sound wires and revealing that prison trials were all organized (including some pre-Photoshop cheating Polaroids made by g. Schwille). Salim will open on how he informed his comrades of their next bomber tactic, after some modest connection with Kurtz over his formative disabilities felt a little unbelievable, even though he had recently been drugged in eyeballs. Has Kurtz already decided the ultimate destiny of his inmate? It seems probable.

After Scrabble and his handler, Rachel, to confirm that he would park the Mercedes at Gutigplatz, Charlie had covered the trunk with a Yugoslav fire before crossing the border into Austria. Initially suspicious guards waved her while in the good tradition of border guards in the 1970s of Europe, retaining current evidence for further investigation. After leaving the car, Charlie dropped the keys in the exhaust gases and created Beeline, who was disguised as a suspicious priest at a nearby cafe.

Leaving Kurtz's lazy Lieutenant Shimon to oversee the talks – identifying bikers and Ross's "tiny new journalist" as the next link in the bomber chain – Charlie had an independent mission after a mission in the shady hotel room, killing a mini bar and lounging in a magnificent orange or brown bathroom. Becker went down to insist he did a good job, but after expelling all that nervous energy, Charlie fell asleep. Without any mission, Becker obediently created the illusion of love, leaving room service in disarray.

Becker (Alexander Skarsgård) and Charlie (Florence Pugh).

Becker (Alexander Skarsgård) and Charlie (Florence Pugh). Photo: BBC

Then, in Munich, a real conversation. Charlie brought face to face with a man she should fall in love, who, supporting the shoulders of her captives, seemed terribly young and vulnerable. (Meanwhile, in one of the scariest parts of the drama scene, his accomplice Anna screamed in the sound-insulated cell just a few steps further.) During the unpleasant scene, Charlie remembering the signs of distinction on Salim's naked body, the size of her looking seemed overwhelmed . Outside, he faced Becker with his real name – what he had heard of Rachel during the Scrabble game – and we saw his calmness: "Never call me Gadi again."

If at first it was a glamorous idea of ​​playing spy games, Charlie was now reduced to writing kind letters with different pencils to convince Salim's companions that their relationship was so comprehensive that they could be trusted. Reading these love notes with Becker – still her, Josip – did, for the first time, come to him and, quite mechanically, he replied. Did he really care for her or played the obedient role of the leader, giving them the resources they needed to do the job? What could have been a cataclysmic love scene turned into a somewhat scary hallucinogenic nightmare where Charlie saw Salima instead of Joseph in his embrace as Kurtz and his team looked at him.

Where does this leave Charlie? Returning to London, the apartment in which the phone was added and passionate love letters were planted in their guitar case, restlessly waiting for someone to contact. As Kurtz noticed in Munich: "From now on we will not write a play … the game will come to you." It's no strange thing to go back to your local snooker club.

Overview of the Park Performance

This prolonged fall on the city square, with slight tracking zoomed in through slightly obscure telescopic lenses, suggests director Park Chan-wook fans fans of paranoid 1970s thrillers like The Conversation and wanted to create a similar feeling of tight tension. It was interesting to see that Shimon's obedient eavesdropping of Anna as he drove the red mercedes – a scene that is referenced but not actually described in the original novel – largely seen in a long and wide shootout that emphasized how chaotic for four operators to submit a decisive agitated woman. Park loves longer singles (even if she could not resist cuts in the approximate plan when Anna took a sound at Shimon's ear).

Spy Notes and Observations


Charlie. Photo: BBC
  • Becker had spent most of the Little Drummer girl directing a young Michelin rome – wearing his clothes and medallions, imitating the manuscript, absorbing his lectures – to help Charlie grow into the fiction he was making. By the end of this episode, he returned to a much weaker appearance: all-black business neck. Perhaps in the fourth episode a box of milk pots will appear?

  • Have you noticed John's Carré cameo? He was a bartender on the city square that looked dull on Alexander Skarsgard's big dog collar.

  • I'm not a Scrabble expert, but it looks very unlikely you could have GUTIGPLATZ in one go since you only have seven tiles. (Other legitimate words on the board Charlie and Rachel contained AXIS, RISK and SORRY.)

  • "My friends were called" Short-Fuse Marty "… Kurtz looked initially as a dirty, avuncular commander, but now we begin to see how unhappy he is.

  • Premature, overly complex, too complicated, too amazing … for any viewer who enjoys the bitter pleasures of Little Drummer Girl, there seems to be another ready to drop it. Now we marched halfway, will you stick with it?

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