Monday , July 26 2021

Israeli general strike invoked, as the government agrees with EU standards – Business

The general strike, scheduled for Wednesday as a protest due to a large number of deaths on Israeli construction sites, was called on Tuesday night after the government agreed to adopt certain European security standards.

Planned strike would have gone out of airports, banks and all government offices.

The government will build construction works for six months to meet European scaffold standards for at least six meters and 18 months for scaffolding of less than six meters in height. Skylights, 20 meters or more, require approval planning.

The general strike was called after Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, Labor Minister Haim Katz, Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant, and President of the HistadRut Labor Association, Avi Nissenkor, agreed on changes in the regulations applicable to construction sites. Under the agreement, the team will also investigate the use of security networks, and will issue their recommendations within three months.

The parties have decided to increase the number of security inspectors for "hundred percent". Although no exact number is specified, there are currently less than 20. The Ministry of Labor recognizes that at least 100 are needed.

The Ministry of Labor will also strengthen the implementation of the number of hours worked by construction workers in order to prevent accidents caused by excessively tired workers.

As for the crane operator, it was decided to call on Knesset to enforce laws that would require cranes to operate only companies specializing in this work, with a view to greater control over their work and help remove counterfeit license crane operators. Licenses will also be redesigned to make them more difficult. The government ministers promised to renew the license of crane operators by 2015. Within three months, new criteria will be set for the expansion of the number of operating crane supervisors.

"We are witnessing more and more victims every day, new victims and serious security incidents that could be prevented," Nissenkorn said on Tuesday.

According to Histadruth, about 40 construction workers have died on construction sites until now this year, and 200 were seriously injured.

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