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Justin Bieber pronounces Taylor Swift for "Line Break" & # 39; in Scooter Braun's controversy

Scooter Braun has become famous as Justin Bieber, Ariane Grande and other super stars – and his star is now defending Taylor Swift after breaking the news of an inexpensive business that includes ownership of his catalog.

Earlier today (30 June), it was announced that Braun agreed to buy the Big Machine Label Group of Scott Borchett; The acquisition includes Swift's Big Machine catalog, and Swift has written a passionate development statement shortly after the deal became public.

With Braun, he listed his multiple editions and spoke of "the persistent, manipulative violent behavior" he was subjected to Braun's clients – namely, Kanye West, who "organized the revenge of pornographic video that took off [her] naked body "(it was a visual spot for his single" Famous "in 2016) and Bieber, who highlighted the tense dynamics between Swift and Westa on Instagram, which he called in his post.

Bieber eventually answered Swift's comments by explaining her own – which she began to apologize. "First of all, I would like to apologize for the release of this damn instagram post, at a time when I thought it was ridiculous, but looking backwards was incoherent and insensitive," he wrote in the inscription of the feedback of two pop stars. He took full responsibility for his workplace with Braun and the West, and stressed that Braun had "nothing to do with it and was not part of the conversation in reality; he was the one who told me not to cheat".

Then she continued to defend Braun and the Accused her Violent Behavior: "As the years passed, we did not cross the roads and came to communication about our differences, pains or frustrations, so if you were to take it to social media and make people hate the scooter, it's not fair to try and accomplish by posting that blog. It seems to me that it was to get compassion and you knew that announcing that your fans would go and abuse the scooter. "

Below, read Bieber's post in its entirety.

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