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Man accused of telling the minister to "prepare for the grave"

On Sunday, a 54-year-old Israeli man was indicted, threatening to kill Minister of Culture Mirjana Regeva in a series of social media commentaries.

The suspect from the southern city of Dimone was arrested on Thursday for setting "You Will Be Killed" and "Prepare for the Tomb" after Regev struck veteran television presenter for bragging on live television that he was looking for a woman in the elevator more than ten years and refuses to apologize.

Journalist Yaron London last week harshly criticized Regeva and others, and some called him for release after recalling that he touched the woman's breast after losing her belly without permission.

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"I was in the elevator in a tall building, and there was a woman who looked like a lawyer," said Geuli Even-Sa & ar. "We were alone in the elevator, and during the ride I was screaming at me [protruding] and said, "London, what is this?" So I put my hand on her breasts and said to her, "This is also not what it used to be."

In storytelling about this story, London leaned over to greet the stomach even to Saara to show the woman's interaction with him. Even-Sa & # 39; ar called London's behavior "shocking."

Yaron London, accompanied by the host of Geule Even-Sa & # 39; ar in the stomach during the episode of Kan's "Geula and London" on June 25, 2019 (screen shot: Denmark's public television)

After the incident, Regev called on London to abandon the popular "Geula and London" show on public television Kan.

"It's enough that Yaron London has to go," she said. "Do not you really see the difference between having someone's stomach and touching women's breasts?"

She said that if London did not go voluntarily, she would have to suspend it immediately to prevent "continuing to pollute public discourse in the media with taxpayers' money."

Dimon, whose name has not been published, has written on Facebook: "God will put cancer in your head if you dare to talk about Yaron again in London, it's time to leave because you will soon be killed, the next political assassination will be you, for the grave. "Everyone hates you," he says in a footage of comments published on Sunday by Regeva,

Regev thanked the police for a quick reaction.

"My Facebook page is a completely open forum – here everything can be written, including sharp words. But not the threats to the killings, "she wrote in a post on Facebook with a snapshot. "There is a limit, enough is enough!"

Israeli police said in a statement they "are extremely serious about any threats against a public official whose purpose is to prevent them from performing their public duties and to undermine our democratic values." Police will take measures to find [the offenders] and divert them from the public sphere. "

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