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Palestinians clashed with police in eastern Jerusalem for firefighters

Palestinian protesters clashed with police in eastern Jerusalem late on Saturday and early Sunday after angry angry after policemen killed a man who launched them on Thursday.

Officers launched fireworks at the police and thrown stones and molotov cocktails in protest of the murder of Mohammed Samir Obeid, who was killed on Thursday after shooting fire on police, Israeli authorities say.

Six people were arrested in the clashes, and two policemen were more easily hurt, news from channel 12. t

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Much of the turmoil focused on the Palestinian neighborhood of East Jerusalem in Issawi, which had been in night conflicts last week, and in the nearby Shuafat neighborhood and the refugee camp of the same name.

Conflicts were also reported in the neighborhood of Silwan, outside the Old Town.

On Friday, at least 80 protesters suffered lighter injuries due to widespread disarray due to the death of 20-year-old Mohammad Samir Obeid, who was shot dead by police on Thursday evening during the arrest operation.

According to the police, police officers opened fire when Obeids were thrown out of their closeness, endangering their lives. Authorities have refrained from releasing his body

According to a statement by the Palestinians, the police carried out a raid on Saturday night in a tent that the Obeid's family placed in Issawiyi and seized the poster.

The video posted on the Internet showed that police officers had thrown stones and molotov cocktails to police officers in the nerds, who wore what was posted as an Obeid poster from Issawiye.

Other videos have shown that incidents also shoot firefighters at police officers and damage rail train passing through Shuafat.

According to Ma & # 39; anu, the police reacted to rebellious rubber bullets.

Israeli authorities did not have an immediate comment.

On Friday night, the social center in Issawiyyah, who often co-ordinates with the Israeli authorities, was burned by an obvious protest due to Obeid's death and refusing Israel to surrender his body to burial.

The court in Jerusalem allegedly rejected Friday's request for the release of Obeid's body to his family.

During a hearing on Friday, the police recommended to the Jerusalem Court not to release his body, because a public funeral could cause further violent clashes in that area, the Diary reported.

The court accepted that position, but gave the police two days to reveal when they would release the Obeid body, located at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv.

Palestinians were arrested during a clash with Israeli police in Jerusalem's Issawi neighborhood on June 28, 2019, the day after the police killed a Palestinian during the protests in the same neighborhood. (AP Photo / Mahmoud Illean)

Police in the past weeks reportedly entered Issawiyu each night in an attempt to locate members of the National Front for the release of a Palestinian terrorist station suspected of being in the neighborhood. Police operations led to regular clashes with the local population.

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