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Summary of Good Problems, Season 3, Episode 2: ‘Arrest Day’

Good trouble

Trial day

Season 3

Episode 2

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Well, those were equal parts intense and intimidating and uplifting, right? Malika is still in custody after a court increased her bail to $ 250,000. If she is not paid, she will be sent to a nearby women’s prison. As much as she’s scared (Zuri Adele is really hitting you on the gut while she’s sitting quietly spiraling in that cell), Malika is doing her a few things: Dom, her father, and the Black Lives Matter team are on top of that. They have a petition to submit to DA Hansen asking her to drop all charges. When Hansen ignores them, they organize a sitting session in front of her office in the courtroom. They don’t leave until they hear each other.

Meanwhile, there are a few more minor assurances: They are using Mariana’s Act-ivism app to fund enough money for Malika to make bail, so not all hope is lost there. Also, Malika ends up hanging out with several other women awaiting hearings over the charges. Some of them have already been there – they give Maliki something to eat and make sure she knows she is not alone. And Malika must feel a little relieved the moment a young lawyer in a coffee-stained suit approaches the cell and realizes it’s Callie. Sure, Callie is there for another client, but she’s a familiar face and that’s nothing. Also nothing: When Callie reminds Malik that, yes, BLM is working to help her, but Coterie is also her team and they want to be there for her. It’s so sweet that it almost makes you try living together. Almost. Sorry, a community that has a back is cool and all that, but that bathroom situation is a disrupter.

Anyway, things don’t look great for Malika, but they aren’t completely scary either. All right, all right, things get a lot, a lot worse before they get better. And many of the problems are related to the Act-ivism application.

Mariana enters work, a young woman overwhelmed by sexual tension and excitement over her secret romance in the workplace (this guy from the elevator knows what up), only to hit himself directly in the face with reality. Her team tells her that there is a huge problem with the app: she was apparently found by a bunch of white supremacists who were trolling BLM and deciding it themselves. They are spreading their hatred, harassing other users, and have even pushed a post for crowdfunding because of Malika’s bail. Mariana’s first instinct is to ban the most offensive users and hope the problem goes away. He doesn’t want to tell Evan because he knows Speckulate can’t deal with bad publicity and Evan would probably turn off the app. That app is her baby.

This kind of action only makes things worse. Prohibiting users only triggers hate groups, and even more so starts creating accounts in the app. They even use it to organize counter-protests in the courtroom where the session for Malika is being held. Here, Mariana confronts face to face with what her application has turned into. This scene bothers the stomach to say the least. People standing in front of the courthouse waving their “White Lives Matter” signs start screaming at her with racial curses and only with the help of Gael – who is filming everything – does she enter the building. Mariana is visibly shaken. Things are escalating both in person and in the app, and at this point there’s really only one thing to do. She has to tell Evan so he can turn the whole thing off. She knows that Activism is forever associated with these white supremacist groups anyway. It’s too late to save.

That conversation with Evan, however, is not going exactly as Mariana had assumed. It will not turn off the app. He explains to her that they are simply a platform, they do not come to the police who use it and they cannot be seen satisfying only the people whose views they agree with – that would be bad for the job. Mariana is furious. This is not a situation on both sides, there is right and wrong here. Ultimately, it’s Evan’s company and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Well, there is one thing she can do. Mariana quits her job. Accompanied by her team, Mariana is spectacularly coming out of Speckulate, and the women plan to build their own start-up. Who doesn’t love a walk in a moment of fire of glory?

So, Mariana has time of that, what about her sister? Callie is the first day as a real, living lawyer! She quoted Elle Woods last week, but will she be able to casually discuss the chemistry of ammonium thioglycollate in court? Well not exactly, but she has a similar victory in court.

Since Kathleen Gale has no clients, the team heads to court to find a court. Callie is assigned to a student named Shai (this is how she comes across Malik) who is accused of indecent exposure after a police officer found her in a car listing with a girl. Callie is confident that since Shai has no previous record and is an honorary student, she will be released on her own account. The only catch is that Shai should have a parent in the courtroom for her, and Shai’s parents don’t know she’s unusual – her father would give her up. She would rather accept a plea agreement even though the charge sucks. Callie explains all this to Kathleen who refuses to let Shai take over the deal and takes over the case from Callie.

Kathleen then gives Callie a big old lesson on how to be a lawyer. The courtroom is a theater, she explains, and the lawyer is an actor who “tries to manipulate the judge and the jury”. When Kathleen appears before a judge, she first makes sure he knows this charge could easily sue for discrimination, and then as she claims her client should be released at her own risk, she gesticulates widely in the gallery talking about Shai’s proud father. There’s a man out there that people could easily assume is her father, but he’s not. It’s all Kathleen’s manipulation. He’s cunning! Callie says you need to “read the judge, read the jury and put on the show.”

Callie Adams Foster learns quickly. At Malika’s request, Callie takes over the case of one of the women who helped her with the posture: Her name is Yvonne, she is the mother of three children, and for her arrest she issues several warrants for a bench for unpaid parking tickets. They are constantly changing the dates and times of the hearing at the last minute, which she is then unable to do because she would lose her job. Callie realizes that the judge values ​​respect and humility, so she organizes the whole stumbling block and nonsense and admits that this is her first time arguing in court and that she is nervous. He also speaks openly about his time spent in foster care. She is very good. Kathleen is impressed. The judge reduces Yvonne’s bail as low as possible.

Yvonne is still too much to pay, but luckily, she doesn’t have to pay for it. You see, friends, Malika is too good for this world and after the effort she has amassed for her bail, she has decided to use it to pay bail for a bunch of other women she keeps with her. Most are mothers and need to go out more than she does.

So, with bail payment, what will happen to Malik? Luckily, her team is working hard on Plan B. Specifically, Gael and Dyonte are working on Plan B. They use all the footage Gael has taken and create an ad that reveals DA Hansen’s loyalty. It immediately goes viral … and I’m happy to report that it means she’s dropping the charges against Malika. Malika! Is! Free! This nightmare is over (hopefully). And then they dance. They really needed to dance.

• Alice enters the CBTV comic diversity workshop! It’s not easy: he prepares to audition when he finds out about the headquarters for Malika. Malika was one of her biggest cheerleaders, telling her “not to let anyone or anything get in the way [her] audition “, but as Alice tells her later – she’s not just” anyone or anything “. As she sits, Kelly has a great idea: Alice should do her set there. She does it, kills it, it is broadcast live, and Sumi sends it to Ruby who shows it to the CBTV judges. So many people are pulling for Alice! One news that muffles the celebration: Lindsay also has been accepted, so the rivalry between the two will soon go nowhere.

• Sumi is the secret MVP in this show and I am glad she is back in the combination this season.

• During her set, Alice talks about Coterie as a clown car or “jalopia working on sexual tension and bad decisions”. It’s funny because it’s true. So, so true.

• Nice to see you Good trouble circle back towards Davia deciding if she wants to risk her job by advocating for students in her school and joining the Capital Committee. At first, Jordan, the teacher who organizes the group, says she really needs to wait until she gets a contract square for next year. Joining this committee would jeopardize that. When Davia hears Malika speak of gratitude for people who fight oppression regardless of the consequences, it inspires her to join a teacher-led protest following one of the students in the “Diversion Program” – which, as Jordan points out, is basically “prison pipeline” – is arrested for a minor offense.

• So do we think there will be any revelation with Kathleen Gale? Everyone seems surprised that she would leave her pleasant concert and start a non-profit company seemingly overnight. Other lawyers who followed her insist it was all very different from her. What does it give?

• Anyone else catch Dyonte looking disappointed when Isaac shows up and leans on the celebratory make up with Malik? The love triangle is getting ready, people. Be careful.

• That little moment where Callie comforts Mariana, knowing how horrible she feels about what happened to her app, made me so hazy-eyed. It’s so nice to reunite the Adams Foster sisters!

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