Friday , April 23 2021

Ten patients with childhood cancer have given preventive care after being exposed to a measles patient – Israel News

Ten patients with breast cancer at the hemato-oncology department of the Ichilov Hospital were exposed by the measles and were urged to receive emergency preventive care, and appeared on Monday.

Children will get an immunoglobulin injection on Wednesday.

The child with the measles is a cancer patient from Ukraine who came to the appointment department. Physicians have noted that they have measles symptoms, and the laboratory test confirmed the diagnosis.

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Officials from the hospital in Tel Aviv reported that the child was in short contact with 10 more patients in the department. None of them were hospitalized.

This comes the day after the Ministry of Health decided to restrict visits to hospitals for non-vaccinated people and deny access to vulnerable departments such as those who care for premature babies, intensive care and hematological units where patients tend to have a weakened immune system,

In recent months, dozens of babies, babies and babies who were born too early have been summoned to preventive treatment after they have been in contact with people with the measles in the hospital.

Also Monday, officials of the Ministry of Health have decided to increase the age for the first dose of vaccine from 12 months to nine months due to limited vaccine efficacy at this age and the need for re-vaccination in 12 months for babies that have previously been vaccinated.

However, officials of the Ministry of Health who are responsible for the outbreak areas can still decide to call babies at the age of 9 to 11 months for the early vaccine. The decision was made in a conversation with representatives of healthcare organizations and chairpersons of pediatric unions, among other experts.

Currently, the vaccine is recommended for babies aged 6-11 months before traveling overseas.

The health ministry decided on Sunday that further steps to control the outbreak of illness are needed, and they check the possibility of banning children who have not been vaccinated – which is a complex step from a legal point of view.

Two more students, Grade 12 in the Golan Heights, Katzrin, with a disease diagnosis, according to Sunday's reports, and young women attended last week's school with the measles. The Ministry contacted its parents.

First grade students at Rimonim's school in Ashdod got their second dose of the vaccine after the teacher reported being infected with the disease. Later it appeared that the teacher had no measles.
Since the beginning of the year, 1,334 cases of measles have been reported, including one death sentence, a 18-month-old girl. She was the first person to die of measles in Israel for 15 years.

There were cases in Jerusalem, especially in ultra-Orthodox quarters. The Ministry has decided to extend its immunization program in the city especially in these most vulnerable areas. Officials say the immunization drive over the last few weeks has increased the immunity level from only 55 percent to more than 80 percent of the population. But this is still a lower rate of immunization than elsewhere in the country, and lower than 95 percent of the immunization rate needed for herding immunity, the level at which the disease is stopped.

The Ministry extended the hours of well-being clinics and kept them open from 8 AM. up to 8 hours, and Friday of 8 A.M. until noon. In addition, the wheel suction program will continue to visit the affected areas and invite residents to break.

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